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Thursday January 01 1970

Demonstration Planned for Over the Jailed Water Charges Protesters

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Jailed Water Charges Protestors Should Be Freed Immediately

A series of demonstrations is planned today in support of the Jailed water charges protestors.

There will be a rally at the Montrose (near RTE) at lunchtime and a motorcade will proceed to Mountjoy prison via the GPO and then a candle light vigil is expected to take place outside the prison.

In Dun Laoghaire at 3pm today a protest calling for the charges to be scrapped will be staged

Water protesters will hold a number of demonstration in Dublin this afternoon.

The rally will assemble at Montrose this lunchtime, where a statement will be read by the partner of one of the water protesters jailed for breaching a court order.

A motorcade will then proceed to Mountjoy via the GPO.

A candle light vigil is expected to take place outside the prison.

Meanwhile, community groups in South County Dublin will stage a protest in Dun Laoghaire at 3pm today calling for the charges to be scrapped.

This week the energy regulator confirmed the pricing system, with a cap of 160 a year for single adult homes.

Gregor Kerr, who is protesting against the charges, said it was unfair to ask ordinary people to pay for bankers' mistakes.

"It's a very political issue," he said. "Water charges are being imposed on us to pay off the gambling debts of international financiers.

"People have been jailed for nothing other than standing up for their community. It's an absolute disgrace that innocent, ordinary people are in jail while bankers and financial gamblers who have ruined this country walk free.

"They (the protesters) should be freed immediately."

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