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Shannonwatch Calls for Support for Mick Wallace and Clare Daly on Day 2 of their Trial

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Press Release - Shannonwatch, 9th March 2015

TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly are back in court in Ennis at 2pm on Tuesday March 10th as a result of their attempt to inspect a US military aircraft at Shannon Airport.

This is the second day of a case that has already heard evidence from a number of witnesses who outlined the problematic nature of the US military presence at Shannon. These witnesses included Irish Times Security Analyst Dr Tom Clonan, former UN Deputy Secretary Denis Halliday, international lawyer and neutrality expert Roberto Zamora, and Dr Edward Horgan of Shannonwatch.

Shannonwatch support the attempt by the two Dail members to inspect a US military plane. "We have been attempting to get the Gardai to investigate likely breaches of international law at Shannon Airport for years" said spokesperson John Lannon. "They have repeatedly claimed there is insufficient evidence, but we at a loss to understand what would be sufficient. We have told them about rendition planes landing at the airport. We have highlighted the presence of military aircraft whose sole purpose is to engage in military operations. We have informed them about the killing and human rights abuses linked to the forces passing through Shannon. Yet they have done nothing to investigate."

"There are serious breaches of neutrality occurring at Shannon every day of the week" added Edward Horgan, also of Shannonwatch. "On Friday last (March 6th) there were 4 US military planes there, including a refuelling tanker that made an emergency landing. It is inconceivable that none of these had weapons on board, or were not involved in military operations".

"As the Dail considers a Bill that seeks to insert a reference to neutrality in the Irish Constitution, it is ironic that the State is attempting to silence two members of the parliament who acted in support of Irish neutrality" said John Lannon. "The lives and wellbeing of millions of people are being put at risk by an Irish government that supports US invasions and occupations. It is time we brought back Ireland's respect for human rights, justice and peace, and let Shannon Airport return to being a civilian airport".

Shannonwatch calls on any of its supporters who can go to Ennis on Tuesday March 10th to do so, and to show their support for two TDs who are attempting to restore Ireland's integrity and neutrality.

For more information phone 087 8225087 or email

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