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Wednesday May 04 2016
06:30 PM

Vulture Funds, Debt and Housing

category national | housing | event notice author Tuesday May 03, 2016 23:09author by DDCI - Debt And Development Coalition Ireland

Vulture Funds have been a key player in the Global South for years, but more recently their focus on the Irish property market has been a subject of concern closer to home.

Join DDCI on Wednesday May 4th at 18:30 in the Teacher's club for the launch of our research paper, 'From Puerto Rico to the Dublin Docklands: Vulture Funds and debt in Ireland and the Global South.'

At this event, Dr Michael Byrne of UCD School of Social Policy who authored the report will present its findings, including the risks posed by vulture funds in the Irish context, the experience of the Global South and the role of the Irish government, including recommendations for next steps.

Tony Romano of the US housing rights organisation Right to the City will talk about how tenants in the US have been affected by the vulture funds who have bought their buildings.

David Hall is a founder of the Irish Mortgage Holders Association, a not for profit organisation which aims to facilitate independent mortgage/debt resolution between lenders/creditors and mortgage holders. He will talk about his experiences of vulture funds in the Irish context.

Please email: to register for this event.

Teachers' Club, Parnell Square, Dublin

Wednesday May 4th at 18:30

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