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Wednesday March 17 2021
14:00 hrs

St Patricks Day Anti-lockdown Rally

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Herbert Park 2pm

St Patricks day is the day to show your opposition to this lockdown madness. All around the country people want to mark it in some way.

In Dublin there were two events planned. One was to Herbert Park in Ballsbridge and a second rally to assemble outside the RTE studio which these days simply spews propaganda and lies about the covid situation and has been the center piece of the campaign to keep the lockdown and restriction going and at the same time press relentlessly for permanent police state measures in the form of Testing & Vaccine passports to go to the pub or a football match.

The event for Herbert Park is the location for Le Cheile Day For Mental Health - Families Supporting Families

It remains to be seen if the corporate overlords of our police state instruct their minions to ban this rally

For more information about Le Cheile Day For Mental Health - Families Supporting Families, see this video at

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Le Cheile Day For Mental Health - Families Supporting Families

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The so called ring of steel of guards around the city and Herbert park was more bluff than anything

At least 300 to 400 people gathered today at Herbert Park for a peaceful rally.

There was music and some short speeches by Prof. Dolores Cahill, Barrister Tracey O'Mahony (Facebook ) and Retired Derry Doctor Anne McCloskey.

You can find something about her here:

The park itself had plenty of other people there enjoying the sun. There was no attempt to stop any way entering the park and the bluff broadcast on the media all week worked its magic and many stayed away out of fear.

In the city centre there was a separate procession of about 200 to 350 people protesting about restrictions on the basic right of religious freedom.





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This woman was arrested for no apparent reason but it did allow the RTE to at least get the headline they needed that one person was arrested In the video she can be heard shouting help, help me as she is surrounded by a group of Garda




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The plan



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