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Bandon Grand Mother Sentenced To Three Months In Prison For Defying Ridiculous Mask Rules

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A Bandon, Co Cork, grandmother, Margaret Buttimer was sentenced to 3 months in prison today after she was convicted by a court for having the courage to stand up against the ridiculous mask rules and refusing to wear one of the useless and ineffective masks in a SuperValu on June 25th and again July 1st.

The science for decades has shown the masks are ineffective and there is no science despite what the government and Big Tech say behind the flimsy justifications for these.

The sole purpose of the masks is to maintain the fear levels in the population so that they can keep their dictatorial powers and continue with rolling lockdowns and restrictions all in an effort to usher in the totalitarian state which is well in progress now that governments everywhere are rolling out so called vaccine passports which will be needed for everything you might ever do.
Margaret Buttimer the mask refusenik
Margaret Buttimer the mask refusenik

Margaret Buttimer is a special woman because she has more guts and courage than practically the entire population of men on this island for she has stood up to the lunacy of the state and has made a stance for her freedom and everyone else's.

Just over 100 years ago, a tiny number (circa 2000) of Irish men and woman during the 1916 Rising fought the tyranny of the British for the freedom of this country. Today most people are cowards and hide behind their masks. They are utterly obedient and compliant out of misplaced fear for a virus no worse in terms of body counts than the annual flu. Bear in mind the finally released death statistics for 2020 show more died in 2019 than 2020 when we had the so-called pandemic but was really a media induced scare-demic planned by the global corporate elite and which our politicians went along with it.

Despite these dark days, it is people like Margaret Buttimer who are an inspiration to us all to take off our masks and ignore all this bullshit and start taking back our freedoms. It is time to act because if we don't the planned rollout of vaccines for children -as planned for next month -will seriously harm and kill many of them. The media will of course announce when this happens that "scientists" have discovered the latest variant is particularly deadly to children and the compliant will trample over each other to be the next in line to take the deadly experimental vaccines thinking they are the cure when they are the lethal injection.

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