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Deceased Bus Eireann Driver Who Killed Local Priest In Fatal Crash Had Gotten Two "Covid" Jabs.

category national | crime and justice | news report author Tuesday August 24, 2021 23:42author by Liberty Stream

Govt, Media and NPHET responsible for these deaths

On Aug 3rd last two were killed after a bus went out of control and hit a pedestrian on Cork road. Subsequently it was discovered the bus driver who also died had a heart attack.

Whistleblower source inside Bus Eireann also informed the people of Ireland that Mark Willis RIP had also suffered serious side effects being ill and had time off weeks before the crash.

His statements are now in the public domain so it will not be possible for an Garda Siochana to get away with closing their investigation with a - "nothing to see here" rubber stamp.

Clearly this matter is of grave public interest and warrants a full public inquiry into how experimental lethal injections are being given to adults and children in Ireland - including to consequently medically harmed men and women who currently pose an ongoing serious health and safety hazard to members of the public - like bus, train, lorry, truck, aircraft and other operators.

We appeal for other whistleblowers to come forward in that regard before more innocent people are killed.

Original report of accident on Aug 3rd

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