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We are looking for volunteers to help with any city that wishes to take part in the World! We require local knowledge and people to help organise things; like choosing a busy central starting point where we are able to easily build a line of people linking arms and holding signs! It will be great to connect cities and ultimately go across whole countries and even continents if we can drum up the support!

For the greatest impact we should be aiming to get the line onto main roads and/or highways, whichever is safer of course. Our intention is to create a feeling of community and solidarity in our stand against what is going on all around the world. 🌎🗺

By Holding The Line we can create a visual that would spread around the world and be impossible for governments and media to ignore. It will also allow us to fully measure the amount of people who love their freedom and autonomy!

Bring your good vibes to contribute to our happy tribe! Our future generations are relying on us, and we cannot let them down on our watch! Letís DO THIS people! 💃🕺

Date: 11th September 2021

We have created a series of groups to accommodate the planning for each city and adding more and more as we go long.

Channels already live and starting to plan and organise:

HTL Main Central Group -

Bath & Bristol -

Belfast -

Birmingham -

Cambridge -

Dublin -

Dundee -

Edinburgh -

Glasgow -

Leeds -

Liverpool -

London -

Manchester -

Newcastle -

Nottingham -

Oxford -

Sheffield -

Wales -

Wiltshire -

The idea has now taken off in the US also, so we have already formed groups for:

Idaho -

Los Angeles -

Now is a time to draw a line that shows that we stand together, and nothing is going to stop us

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