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garda corruption corruption in office of dpp

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missing cash sham prosecution

this story was reported in last sun irish mail on sun ie jan 21 page 31

last sun irish mail on sun jan 21 page 31 published a story of a businessman who was arrested held in a storeroom in a garda station for 8 hours denied a solicitor told that that the station a divisional garda hq did not have audio visual facilities released without charge ,re arrested 2 years later charged remanded to prison on 10k bail passport seized then 18 months lated r the case was dropped meanwhile the office of the dpp is colluding with corrupt gardai to protect an officer of the court who is not just guilty of perjury but also of suborning perjury.the assistant garda comissioner has written to the victim fof the garda assault promising to look into it yet 6 months later nothing. has the offender a garda officer absconded./?????
what are the corrupt garda siochana up to now>?????
the association of prosecutors in the hague this week will be informed of the activities of the office of the so called independent dpp.
there is an election coming in ireland the tanaiste mr mcdowell may not be aware of this sham yet so presently i attach no blame to him for this particular fiasco but i want this to be the last straw that breaks the camels back the corrupt garda siochana cannot be allowed to continue in its present form.
the corrupt garda siochana needs to be dismantled re branded and in this particular case any officers who have lied submitted false evidence be put on trial.garda officers who assault members of the public have no place in any society as police officers

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