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Shannon Airport is an Election Issue

category national | anti-war / imperialism | feature author Sunday April 29, 2007 12:37author by DM - STOP BUSH CAMPAIGN

Pana Poll on Irish complicity in the war

It's Majority Rule, right? So, Why The Pessimism? published the results of a poll they commissioned on Irish people's views on the use of Shannon Airport. The Poll was conducted nationally by Lansdowne Market Research Ltd.

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance went on to describe in a press statement''Since other polls show that it is unlikely that the current war parties of FF and the PD's will return to power without the support of either the Labour Party, the Green Party or Sinn Fein, all of which opposed the war, it seems self evident that the use of Shannon airport in the war, especially now that the number of US troops using it are increasing, is and should be, an election issue.''(more from

Meanwhile Ireland welcomes a new US Military Troop Carrier, Omni Air International. Retired Army Commandant Ed Horgan documented three US warplanes at Shannon for Indymedia and asks questions about Omni Air International and Bush's so-called 'surge.'

The question was.

"Are you in favour of, or opposed to the use of Shannon Airport by US troops travelling to and from Iraq?"

Their response was as follows

In Favour: 19%
Opposed: 58%
No opinion: 21%
Don't know: 2%

This shows clearly that Irish people still maintain their disgust for this war and irish complicity in it despite what FF/PD's say. This should give us on the anti-war front a new drive and renewed belief what we are doing is the right thing.
Whe you see a TD or a canidate in the next month tell them about this poll and why WAR IS AN ELECTION ISSUE

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