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"Acts of War Not Murder" - RSF

category derry | crime and justice | press release author Sunday February 03, 2008 21:29author by Richard Walsh - Republican Sinn Féin

RSF has disputed the Provos' claims that RUC men and English soldiers were "murdered".

Speaking after a commemorative march for the Bloody Sunday dead, Stormont Minister Martin McGuinness sought to criminalise past acts of resistance, as well as all present and future acts, Republican Sinn Féin has said. “Mr. McGuinness referred to 'murders' of RUC men and British soldiers, and accused the IRA of engaging in 'terrible deeds' in the past”, said RSF's Publicity Officer, Richard Walsh.

“It is not the IRA which has been guilty of terrible deeds. It is the British Forces of Occupation, along with their surrogates in the Loyalist death squads, who are guilty. So too is the Provos' military body, which destroyed arms belonging to the Irish people – these were intended to secure the full freedom of Ireland. That body has also maimed and murdered those opposed to their current direction.

“Martin McGuinness claimed to be speaking 'as an Irish Republican'. However, no Irish Republican would consider legitimate acts of war to be murderous. Nor will they welcome the Commander-in-Chief of the British Crown Forces – the murderers of the fourteen Bloody Sunday dead, to our country.

“We recognise all calls for collaboration with Ireland's enemies to be treasonous, and demand a full British withdrawal from our country in order that the Irish people might govern themselves.”

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author by WTpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 20:17author address author phone

His Toadying speech was directed at Paisley and The British rather than those in the crowd. He is so cock-sure of his support that he is increasingly becoming arrogant and will go to any lengths to prove his commitment to the 6 County Statelet.

Today we hear of yet another Tout close to the 'Leadership' being outed. This leaves me wondering, just who is next? Martin must be choking on his Dissidents riddled with Touts comments. Then again maybe not?

author by Scepticpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 20:30author address author phone

Might we enquire where RSF get their legitimacy from (if they claim any) since they don’t seem to have any popular support to speak of or any electoral support at all?

Also is RSF a binary politico-military organism in the classic republican mould and if so presumably the military wing dominates the political?

author by Sean Opublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 20:54author address author phone

It's beginning to look as if the Provos were as heavily infiltrated as the UDA and the other Loyalist groups. Not a bit wonder they are staying silent on the new MI5 headquarters in holywood. You can't bite the hand that feeds you, allegedly.

author by scullypublication date Sat Feb 09, 2008 16:13author address author phone

Just who is next is exactly the point MI5 seem to be making by the drip drip outing of sinn fein informers, are they sending a message to someone bigger that they could be next
apparantly Eames and Bradley got an insight into the levels of provo infriltration and were shocked at just how wide spread it was.
I bet all the shinners are looking at each other and wondering.

author by Sean Opublication date Sat Feb 09, 2008 19:23author address author phone

What was that you were saying Martin??

author by chrispublication date Tue Feb 19, 2008 13:11author address author phone

it's only a war when you are killing. if so bloody sunday was an unfortunate incident in a war.such as when you blew up those nuns or that man and his granddaughter. hypocrites

author by tomeilepublication date Tue Feb 19, 2008 14:01author address author phone

People listened to the speakers before McGuiness , and there was the usual general polite applause for the likes of Mark Durkan . When McGuiness spoke there was applause ,but it was from groups and individuals within the crowd ,not from the crowd itself. About three minutes into McG's speech people started to walk away or to turn their backs on the platform . It seemed incredible that he got that sort of reception in his own town.

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