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On St Patrick's Day, Irish flag flown in front of Limavady Orange hall

category derry | miscellaneous | news report author Monday March 17, 2008 14:35author by Shane

a very short photo story

This morning, the St Patrick's flag flutters in front of Limavady Orange hall in Co. Derry. The Irish flag of St Patrick, not often seen even in northern Irish Unionist districts, is a diagonal red cross against a white background. When combined with the English Cross of St George (a red cross against a white background, often seen at English football matches and on nationalist rallies in Georgia in eastern Europe) and the Scottish Cross of St Andrew (a diagonal white cross against a blue background) you get the British Union Flag, known colloquially as the "Union Jack".
St Patrick's flag flutters in front of Limavady Orange Hall, Co Derry
St Patrick's flag flutters in front of Limavady Orange Hall, Co Derry

Despite it being part of the Union Jack, unionists and loyalists tend to prefer to fly the St Andrews cross or the St George's Cross, albeit sometimes with the red hand of Ulster in its center, perhaps because of a suspicion of any admission of Irishness that the flying of the St Patrick's cross would entail. Not anymore. Last week big Ian Paisley urged Unionists to embrace St Patrick. In Coleraine St Patricks day is today being celebrated with an Ulster Scots folk band. In Derry's Waterside last Friday the community center in the very loyalist Irish Street district was celebrating St Patrick's day with a dance, replete with green shamrocks and Irish Stew!

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author by shanepublication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 14:39author address author phone

I don't know why the photo loaded sideways, the original I loaded up from my desktop is the right way up. Can you help, eds?

author by BJpublication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 15:05author address author phone

a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all Unionists, Loyalists, Orangemen and to Irishmen everywhere.

author by Patriciuspublication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 15:18author address author phone

Saint Patrick used to have terrible trouble with computers, particularly using photoshop on a mac, and the diagonal red cross is a reminder of this

author by iosafpublication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 18:47author address author phone

An article which I publish every year on Indymedia UK on this the 17th of March our Lá Náisúinta, when in a sort of tongue in cheek way ( know few others ) I appeal that our neighbours remove the Patrick's cross from the Union flag & then endure accusations of being a slimey nationalist, swamp fascist, fenian tadgh or pisstaker for claiming Pól Pot as a famous Irishman & the bit which really got up their noses in 2005 about helping them win the 2nd world war which got tweaked to not helping them lose it.
one of the last versions of the article :-

Happy National Day to all Orange Folk. Things have changed since you elected the first ethnic Chinese woman to the Assembly. But they've changed down south too. They've one Nigerian born Mayor. Alas, on both sides of the white stripe of our tricolour, Slav migrants still get beaten to death.

author by Barrypublication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 20:45author address author phone

Ive decided at long last that the decision to have my cold windy nations national holiday effectively in the middle of winter is just stupid , and that St Patricks day itself is just stupid given that this nation has little to be proud of and celebrate about itself . My national symbol of shamrock is little more than a cheesy gift in a waterford crystal bowl to whichever war criminal in a green tie is inhabiting the whitehouse so i didnt bother wearing it today either . Mr Bush Bertie Ahern, British Minister McGuinness and myself very pointedly did not engage in a little common transatlantic ritual today . I made a point of wearing a che guevara t shirt instead . Ive also decided that if I ever take power St patricks day and the traditional easter sunday republican period will be replaced with a national holiday on the 25th of April , when the weathers probably more reliable and clement . All the politicians , journalists , coppers , buisinessmen and Bishops that I decide not to execute will be allowed out of their jails for the day , albeit only to be paraded up and down the capital citys main thoroughfare to be battered by crowds with large plastic tricoloured hammers .

As for the notion of celebrating Ireland any nation that permits a big fucking motorway to be built over the graves of the Fianna and the birthplace of what was once actual cultured civilisation in this country deserves to sink into the fucking Atlantic , gurgle and drown . It would be more merciful than the slow agonising and undignified Mad Cows disease we have been collectively struck down with . Im also still quite troubled that Donald Rumsfeld launched the criminal invasion from an aircraft hangar in county Clare , and that he intended doing it on St Patricks day . I feel very insulted , but thankfully not as insulted as those living in neighbourhoods full of Abrams tanks and depleted uranium thanks to Irelands assistance . Im frankly quite aggreived that the little shite in the whitehouse accepting his bowl of shamrock today had the affrontery to have his invasion summit in British occupied county down , the county in which St Patrick was buried . The same political gobshites presenting him with shamrock today queued up round the block to kiss his arse rather than pointing out the insult to our national sovereignty he and Blair concocted . I dont feel like celebrating a nation that permits itself to be criminally partitioned , that has criminal leaders , that lets its resources be robbed in the manner ours are being robbed . Its a nation that should be hiding its head in shame instead of running about stociously inebriated celebrating how great it is to be Irish . It isnt great at all , We are a clueless moronic uncultured undignified , spineless , cowardly feckin embarassment of a country . A partitioned and occupied country , a crime we are encouraged to celebrate also . Drink numbs us from reality so helps I suppose .

. So I opted to go into work instead of celebrating it which will earn me an extra day off , which will allow me to go somewhere more warm , cultured less moronic and interesting , not to mention less littered perhaps on Mayday .
. On my way home I noticed pools of vomit on the streets , ambulances speeding to no doubt drink related tragedy and numerous green haired drunks using my national flag as a shoulder draped fashion accessory , sometimes with an orange third , sometimes a suspiciously papal looking yellow . No doubt too by this evening many childrens and womens experience of st patricks day will be an alcohol fuelled incident of domestic abuse , terror violence and intimidation .

I bought my little god-daughter a DVD of Darby OGill and the little people which I heard she watched yet again today after the Belfast parade and Im glad she enjoyed herself . Shes an innocent and honest little thing unlike most Irish adults and is probably looking out for leprechauns in the garden or worried the banshee might appear outside her window . The orange order wouldnt welcome her on the grounds of her inferior religious background and the threat she poses to society . Her ex political prisoner father is also shunned and whispered about by the pro state party and militia commonly referred to as "mainstream republicans" in a similar manner to the orange orders one time closed shop style stranglehold over our society . Still far too many snakes in this country to to be celebrating a foreigner reputed to have driven them out .

author by Sharon . - Individual .publication date Mon Mar 17, 2008 21:03author address author phone

..... I didn't feel 'plastic' enough to 'celebrate' today , either , but - once again - had to surrender to the wishes [demands?] of my three young kids !

Hi Barry !

Very well said - good for you !

An apt quote for the day that's in it , from one of my favourite authors , Oscar Wilde -

" After the first glass , you see things as you wish they were . After the second , you see things as they are not . Finally you see things as they really are , and that is the most horrible thing in the world. "



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author by Davepublication date Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:03author address author phone

You have to go back to the orignal source from where you got your photo, example, cybershot viewer or what ever. You have to rotate the photo at this stage. If it it lying sideways in the original sorce it will appear on Indy as such when you publish. The same happened to me, it looked ok when downloading but apperaed sideways when published. So just go back to orignal source.

author by dauntedpublication date Tue Mar 18, 2008 14:43author address author phone

wouldn't someone notice? I now we've come a long way down the well paved road of good intentions but I reckon shifting the Limavady Orange Hall through 90º would be c-o-n-t-r-o-v-e-r-s-i-a-l. & anyway not casting any doubts on the man's capabilities, but do you think Shane is up for that sort of carry on. "The strength of a thousand yoke of oxen, the magical powers, the......"

author by shanepublication date Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:29author address author phone

i'm going to see about parting the waters of Lough Foyle now

St Patrick's flag flutters in front of Limavady Orange Hall, Co Derry
St Patrick's flag flutters in front of Limavady Orange Hall, Co Derry

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