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Blasket Island Development

category kerry | environment | news report author Tuesday April 14, 2009 14:39author by Blue Planet Advocate - Blaskey Action Groupauthor email blasketcase at gmail dot com

Works Have Begun On The Blasket Islands

Kerry Council and An Bord Pleanala have agreed to the Unsustainable Development of The Great Blasket Islands.
Works Have Begun.

In Feb 2009 after many years of legal battles,
2,000,000 Euros of Tax Payers money has been sanctioned in a Private land deal with commercial developers on The Great Blasket Islands.
Works have commenced by the developer-Blascaoid Mor Teoranta(BMT).
This is already damaging the pristine nature of the islands,with much further damage in the future due to the size of the development.
The development is a huge cafe with diesel generators-septic tanks and garage .
There is already existing buildings which were used as a cafe in the past.
These have now had extensions built on the back of them last year so would be more than adequate..
The Islands Are Protected under EU Legislation.
Special Protection Area(SPA)
Special Conservation Area(SAC)
There has been limited media coverage until now.
There are reporters on the Island filming the works.
Films and further Information will be published as events unfold.
If you would like to get involved in trying to stop the destruction please contact us at the links on the web site and also at

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