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Death Of 6 Horses in Jumps Racing Unacceptable

category kerry | animal rights | press release author Tuesday May 12, 2009 18:32author by Bernie Wright - Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR)author email berniew at esatclear dot ieauthor address PO BOX 4734. Dublin.1author phone 0872651720

Stop racing animals to their death

The sad and unnecessary fatalities of six HORSES at Killarney race course on Sunday puts the safety of jumps racing under increasing scrutiny. Coincidently, last week in Australia a review of jumps-racing in Victoria was instigated as Jumps racing was suspended-due to 13 horses dying last year .The future of Jumps racing at least in Australia is now under threat due to the treatment of horses.

The Irish government ‘endorsed and subsidised’ horse racing industry would like you to believe that horses 'love' to jump! Horses only jump hurdles because they are forced to. Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals, and in nature wouldn't choose to jump over hurdles and risk broken legs, injuries—even death—unless they had no other option.
Injuries and deaths sustained by equines in all kinds of racing are horrific. Humans have no right to use other species and literally kill and injure them for their own amusement. Similar to Greyhound Racing, a glut of unwanted race horses are now being killed every week in Irish abattoirs and many are now being fed to animals at Dublin Zoo, these having been abandoned due to injury or financial uncertainty. Our whole relationship with animals reeks of speciesism. Man uses, abuse then discards other species with impunity when in reality they deserve to share our planet and live their lives without mans domination.

AFAR continues to fight animal violations.

Bernie Wright 0872651720

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