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Robin Hanan social justice candidate for TCD Seanad seat, launches video campaign

category national | elections / politics | news report author Sunday March 20, 2011 21:11author by Robin Hananauthor email candidate at robinhanan dot ie

Robin Hanan is a lifelong campaigner for human rights and social justice who is contesting the election for the Seanad in the Trinity College constituency. He's looking for number 1 votes to put social justice at the top of the agenda for the Seanad election.. Read on to find out more.

Robin Hanan has launched a video for the elections to the Seanad on the
Trinity panel. It is called “because values and ideas matter"

The video argues that Seanad Éireann needs to be reformed to make it
representative of Irish society, not abolished. It argues for increased
capacity to call the powerful to account. It also outlines Robin's
proposals to prioritise sustainable jobs, social justice, public service and
democracy in the Senate.

Robin Hanan is a former CEO/Coordinator of the Irish Refugee Council,
European Anti Poverty Network (Ireland) and Comhlámh.
He is campaigning as ‘an experienced, independent voice for social justice’.

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Caption: Robin Hanan for Seanad Éireann, because ideas and values matter.

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