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Welcome to Oscailt 3: A new generation of Indymedia Software

category national | indymedia ireland | feature author Sunday January 29, 2006 03:42author by Indymedia Ireland Development Team - Indymedia Ireland

Indymedia Ireland Launches Oscailt 3.0 Platform As well as Indymedia Ireland's constant efforts to produce and distribute information in an open and democratic manner, we put a similar effort into creating and disseminating free software to allow others to do the same. Today, after more than 18 months of development, we finally launch version 3.0 of our Oscailt content management system.

New Features

Oscailt 3.0 has literally hundreds of new features which will progressively appear on the Irish site over the next few months. Some of the most important ones for users are the following:

  1. Images Made Easy - Oscailt now automatically resizes all images for web-viewing - this means that you can now upload much bigger images than before.
  2. Friendly URL's Indymedia URL's are now short and meaningful without any of the messy variables. is a new style URL - this means that search engines should give Indymedia articles an even higher ranking than now.
  3. Lots of New Feeds: atom comments rss podcast Podcasts, Comment Feeds, Atom Feeds, RSS 2.0 or RSS 1.0 ../feeds.more information
  4. Lots of anti-spam / anti-troll measuresreport post Users can report any post on the site by clicking on the report post icon beside it. The ../editorial dalek dalek has also been given some major new powers - it's hungrier than ever to exterminate those annoying trolls.
  5. Context Sensitive headlines - every article is now accompanied by a list of headlines from the same author and with the same category - making it much easier to follow threads through our coverage of issues.
  6. Lots of new ways to get involved - Oscailt 3 allows lots of different ways for people to get involved in indymedia Ireland - from reporting posts to managing a whole section of the site, there are more ways than ever to get involved in indymedia and help us to carry the voices of the excluded around the world!
  7. New Multi-lingual Features Oscailt 3 allows us to manage the translation of the site into several languages easily - we will be starting to translate as much of the site as we can into Irish in the near future
  8. A new look to the site - take a look around our newly designed site and let us know what you think!

Some Background

Oscailt has thusfar been almost entirely produced by the technical group of indymedia Ireland. It's history is very much bound up with the history of indymedia Ireland, although it is now starting to grow both within the IMC Network and elsewhere.

Oscailt was first launched on indymedia Ireland on June 18th 2003. Since then it has gone through a second generation and slowly spread around the world. Today it powers indymedia sites in far-off places like Oklahoma, Charlottesville, Virginia and some closer to home like Bristol Indymedia. Oscailt has also been translated into several foreign languages, for example, Oscailt powers Jakarta Indymedia and Denmark Indymedia.

For us, the fact that we produce our own software and distribute it for free is a very important part of Indymedia - the idea of Open Publishing owes much to the free software movement. With the development of Oscailt 3.0, the software has started to spread even further into non-indymedia sites. Although version 3.0 has not yet been fully publically released, there are already a list of sites who are using one of the beta releases to power their site. For example: Anarkismo, International Anarchist News Site and Sonidos Libertarios. Oscailt 3.0 beta versions also power the newest member of the indymedia family: Virginia Beach Indymedia as well as prospective ones like East Africa IMC

More Information

Oscailt is Licensed under the GPL. It can be downloaded from the Oscailt Sourceforge Page. The documentation for Oscailt 3 is available on the indymedia documentation wiki. The current release is numbered 3.0-rc1 - meaning that it is a 'release candidate' - we expect the full public release to take place within a few weeks.

We are always looking for more people to help out with Oscailt development and indymedia Ireland technical work - no matter what technical skills they have. To get involved, just sign up to the Oscailt Public Mailing list or the Indymedia Ireland Technical Mailing List. We are also always looking for volunteers to help out with all other aspects of the site - don't be shy Get Involved!

Please add any comments or questions that you might have about the new site or the new software

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author by Michaelpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:21author address author phone

Three cheers for the Indy development team!

Trouble is that now all the old links to articles and comments seem to be broken. Could you setup a script to redirect (302) requests for the old newswire.php?id=123 type articles to their new locations please.

author by Dave - swppublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:42author address author phone

Excellent additions to what is already without question a brilliant and continously improving site. Fair play to everyone involved. Really glad about the improvements to uploading photos as I've never been able to figure out how to resize before uploading.

author by gay georipublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 14:11author address author phone

Yes, great job. Much better usuability and UI, plus a more consistent "look'n'feel" with other indymedia sites.

author by gay georipublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 14:19author address author phone

yeah, can you put in symbolic links to the old articles?

Also, It seems you have to wait about 5 mins before being allowed post a second time...

Can't Post / Won't Post
Can't Post / Won't Post

author by Starstruck - Grassroots Dissentpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 14:50author address author phone

Top-notch work as always-well done lads and lasses..
The revolution will not be televised ,unless of course ndyM has a channel at that stage,next project perhaps...!

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 15:41author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

I forgot to check that the URL redirection was working properly - all old links should be working again.

By the way, we will be collecting together all suggestions for changes over the next few weeks and considering them together - so don't expect things to change much before then.

author by Ed Leepublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 15:58author address author phone

Well done on the new design, looking forward on using all the new stuff.

author by HInpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 16:10author address author phone

personaly i think its a poor job the site now looks really bland!
put it back to the way it was!

sack the "development team" .......who are they working for?

author by kinopublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 20:08author address author phone

It's excellent work!, having also had a look around the back end, I can say that this was well worth the wait, and that there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Maybe in the future, users could be able to select from a variety of look and feel options, and submit their own style sheet, so that even people like Hln can be happy instead of rude.

(I'm not too fond of the colour on the left bar either)

author by Gpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 20:37author address author phone

Since the website was upgraded last night, I think that it is a little unhelpful because there no longer is a 'Search' icon that we could search for news articles.

author by Seán Ryanpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 21:00author address author phone

An excellent job folks, tis nice to see the 'paddies' set the pace in such an important area of technology and mass-communication.

I've only one suggestion. It might be a little on the commercial thinking side of things, but I think it might encourage more writers to write.

How about a hit-counter on each story? Indy is very popular and getting more so, hit-counters on each story would show each writer how many people they were reaching.

Thanks folks.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 23:21author address author phone

Keep up the good work.

Love the new Indymedia web site!
Love the new Indymedia web site!




author by hspublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 23:39author address author phone

I like especially the new printer friendly button, great idea, make it alot easier to read those long articles, good work everyone. note to self, must wrtite some articles! cheers

author by R. Isiblepublication date Sun Jan 29, 2006 23:59author address author phone

Look in the top right of the page. Apparently the layout as it stands is pretty optimised with the logo in the top left and the search in the top right.

Related Link:
author by M Cottonpublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:27author address author phone

For what it's worth, I think the colour scheme and layout are great - easy on the eye and easier to use.

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:47author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

Our iTunes Podcasting Link has just gone live - check it out in the left column. Follow Indymedia Ireland Web Radio!

All linked audio content is included, so to have your audio offering included in our podcast, just put a link to it into a comment. Although Indymedia Ireland does not have the space to allow audio or video uploads, you can use or and link to the files from here.

author by gay georipublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:02author address author phone

I don't think the search feature is working (magnifying glass icon - upper r-h side of page) - I clicked on it, and expected a search dialog to open where I could enter search criteria, but it didn't - i just got a message that no articles with my search details were founmd. I tested it on IE and Firefox... same result

am i using it correctly, or is it a bug?

author by Chekovpublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:10author address author phone

It is an instant search box - type in the text to search for into the text box and then hit the icon to launch the search. If others are finding it similarly confusing, we may need to redesign it.

The full search page is linked from the site navigation list in the left hand menu - it's at:

author by iosafpublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 13:20author address barcelonaauthor phone

I've been wandering around the site and really like the improvements, the colour scheme reminds me of the National Concert Hall of my youth, a sort of snobby Irish green. ;-) and the panic I felt when the old links didn't appear to work has now subsided. I've tried coming into imc ireland from a load of other sites (and it is impressive how many referring links there are over 4 years). I hope readers and contributors will look back there in the archives, now they are a bit more user friendly to access. This site is a "national archive" of news, opinions, protests, actions, campaigns at the most basic level of democratic involvement. Its wonderful to look back at the extent of solidarity not just on obvious international issues such as the war on Iraq, or European development, Precarity or Migrants, but also on local "little people" issues. A web of links from Norway and beyond for the Rossport 5, as too a web of links from the European campaigns fighting pylons in Italy, France, Spain to Donegal and Roscommon.

We have created through unprecedented voluntary co-operation (often between individuals who have never met in the real world) an archive which is unrivalled for accesibility not only at local national level (Ireland) but globally. And no-one can underestimate the Irish contribution. This site not only "looks & feels well" it is one of the most visited (and used) of such sites on the global network.
Our "horizontal media punch" is much heavier than our "geographical weight", perhaps due to our nature which is "non-anglo-saxon/yankee"
we have become a portal between worlds. The world of english as spoken throughout the Irish diasporia and the worlds of our European fellow citizens and the 3rd world. That is an extent of readership and contribution and influence which commercial media such as the O'Reilly empire or the Irish Times or even state entities such as RTE may dream of.
Not one word which passed our guidelines and got published has disappeared. Someday this resource will be used by historians and sociologists alike when the question "how did those indymedia people change the world?" comes to be answered.

author by Advice wantedpublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 17:51author address author phone

Is anyone else having trouble with the new Indymedia format. I can't read some text it seems to be too light and is obscured by the dark green background colour . Also in the latest comments section I can't see the titles of the threads that people are commenting on. In different sections it is difficult to read what is on the site. The old colour scheme was better, this new one is not working.

author by Duinepublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 19:33author address author phone

Comhghairdeas as an leagan amach.

Rud beag amháin. Má bhrúim ar Ga anseo "Language - en | ga" , níl aon malairt teanga ann!!

author by Niall Harnettpublication date Mon Jan 30, 2006 23:49author address author phone

I love Indymedia, it's powerful. Thanks to all who work behind the scenes maintaining and improving it.

In general I prefer the brightness, simplicity and clarity of the old look of the site. My first reaction to the new look is that it is fussy and less attractive to the eye.

Although the green shades of the left and right columns are nice in themselves and have a contemporary feel, they don't work for me cos they're too light and opaque. The dark green text on light green of the right column is less clear than the old and less attractive to the eye. The white text on light green of the left column I actually find a strain to read. Maybe it's cos I wear reading glasses, as do many, but I find myself reacting away from the left column, which isn't good. You've also lost the nice colour definition between dates and text of left column events. Maybe the new dark green text colour could be used with black over the old light grey background of both columns to maintain the brightness and attractiveness, which is vital, and still be more contemporary than the old bright green text (which is still good, in my opinion). Reds should be as dark as possible I think.

You have changed the 'Indymedia Ireland' header already and that's good, yesterday's one was cramped and dark and lacked 'white'. I like the bold black font of the new one beside the spacious white on the right. I think the 6 ' features, newswire etc ' tabs should stay stretched across the top for prominence and the 'search' bar put back where it was where it's more noticable. I think the 'search' bar is too far right, obscure and a bit lost where it is.

The new Grey headlines on the features page are a backward step, in my opinion. They're just not as strong as black which has got to be the clearest. Headlines should look like headlines and black is your man. The headline font size has been decreased also and should be restored to original size ... in black, for full effect. New look has sense of features blurring into one aspect creating less definition and less attraction to the eye of the reader. I don’t like line between articles which are fussy and unnecessary for definition. 'Full story and comments’ should be underlined (on left like old for space) and all that’s needed to distinguish between articles, provides subtle break, needs a bit of space too before next one.

I don't like the break up of the right column into different 'types of story'. When yesterday's newspapers are old news, what's nice about Indymedia is the comfort of stuff in the right column being news for a while and you don't feel rushed into keeping yourself informed. Stuff will dissappear of front page quicker now with the new way and that makes me nervous! Therefore 'Breaking news’ is unnecessary and slightly frantic and 'Sky newsish', 'Newswire' is reassuring! Suggest complete return to old way, with restored nice attractive red underlined 'Publish your news'. I don't think it's necessary to distinguish between types when its the content that matters.

Perhaps 'Other Press' could be moved to right column to give more prominence and 'press releases' be moved to under 'events'.

On the subject of 'Events', forgive me please but the new ' Events' page is brutal. The old way was so clear attractive and user friendly. It certainly wasn't broken and fixing it has fucked it, in my opinion.

The new light grey links and URL's should be changed to the new dark green ... it's highlighting they need not lowlighting.

I like it when you go to someones article there are 'recent articles by...' . Suggest there should be general link there also to 'other articles by ' or 'all articles by'.

In general, I think the 'less is more' and 'keep it simple stupid' rules should apply to Indymedia appearance. Appearance is all, and simplicity, clarity and brightness are what you need to instantly draw the eye of a reader, just like opening the curtains on a cold crisp sunny day. Radical changes of appearance are dangerous, discreet changes are better, IF improvements are needed. The novelty of change will wear off but negative effects on readership and disimprovements in userfriendliness won't. So we've got to be very careful we don't turn the beacon of newspapers into another fussy website.


author by AN FEAR SIUIL - THE ICApublication date Tue Jan 31, 2006 02:28author address author phone


ONE THING: please give the IMC NETWORK/GLOBAL element more space. It was better when all the countries were listed. God knows the mainstream media is parochial enough in this country, let's not go down that road...

author by FredHead - Censorshippublication date Tue Jan 31, 2006 15:22author address author phone

where should one go to find out about the levels of censorship?

author by Rearrangedpublication date Tue Jan 31, 2006 16:48author address author phone

Max filesize for uploading images is now 1000KB, will images of this size be automatically reduced to the old limit of 60KB when published?

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Tue Jan 31, 2006 16:57author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

Images Images are now resized by default to 30K when you view them with an article (the difference is fairly minor at screen resolution) but if you click on the image, you get taken to a full-sized version. See for an example.

"censorship" Content that is not compatible with the editorial guidelines at is removed. All editorial actions are discussed on the editorial list and archived on the newswire list. The lists are at

author by Greengrasspublication date Tue Jan 31, 2006 17:34author address author phone

The featured photos at the top of the front page should be about 33% bigger.
But more importantly, give us back our real green.

author by catch - date Wed Feb 01, 2006 02:23author address http://www.libcom.orgauthor phone

One of my main criticisms of indymedia, is that news, opinion, press releases, action call-outs are all lumped together without any attempt to seperate them.

It's really good that you've split things into different sections - BUT - the first thing I clicked on once I'd scanned the front page was the 'newswire' link - and there's everything lumped together again. Had I not been checking out the new look, I might well have stopped looking there until I realised there were filtering options - which allow for selecting just 'news' or just 'opinion'. Since it's called 'newswire' why not simply default to news filtering on that page? Which would almost entirely filter out the indymediaisms and fit better with the look and layout of the front page.

author by Max The IT pro - independentpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 11:14author address MaxTheITpro.BlogSpot.comauthor phone

Greetings from Nairobi (Kenya) via Canada and Barbados.
As is the nature of the web, I stumbled across an insightful article (see: ) on your network, and noticed the "powered by Oscalit" logo at the bottom. Being curious about technology, I decided to take a peek.
Wow!!! Awesome CMS (content management system) and I hope to take it for a spin some day.

Most importantly, I looooove the spirit of your community - based on the articles on all of your affiliate sites. Maybe I'll start one here in East Africa. :-)

Take care and good luck.
I'll be sure to mention this on my Tech blog when I write on open source CMSs.

email: MaxTheITpro AT

author by a womenpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:52author address author phone

Myself and others that i have talked to about this comment have found it offensive. Why is this comment gendered? Could it be changed back to how it was before: "play the ball and not the player?"

author by pat cpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:59author address author phone

obviously the intent in using the phrase play the ball and not woman wasnt sexist. i'd imagine it was the opposite, play the ball and not the man is how its usually put.

it has however upset people. emails are flying around at present. maybe it would be best to change woman to player or some gender neutral word.

author by Chekovpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 13:28author address author phone

Can somebody please explain to me how this is sexist?

The phrase was always 'play the ball and not the man' - a common phrase in sport. Is that sexist? Is it offensive? Somebody complained about the gendering of this once a long time ago and when I was entering the text in this page configuration I changed it to woman.

Anyway, consider it changed. But still let me know how it is sexist or offensive.

author by pat cpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 13:56author address author phone

its the perception that counts. as i stated here and on the seomra spraoi thread i didnt think there was any sexist intent. and i didnt think it was sexist.

but there are emails flying around and are now starting to turn up on lists. apparently someone complained about the wording and got an insulting response from an editor. this is what has been reported, i dont know who the response came from.

author by searcherpublication date Wed Feb 01, 2006 14:14author address author phone

1. The text on the 'latest comments' page should be darker to provide contrast with the background and make it easier to read.

2. There used to be a little box to tick near the 'search' box. This allowed us to 'include comments' when we were doing a search.

3. Regarding "play the woman". I presume that was intended as some kind of reverse sexism or positive discrimination. Some people will always interpret things in a negative way, and will always find something to be offended about.

4. I don't like that particular shade of green. The old shade was sharper.

author by R. Isiblepublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 04:12author address author phone

QUOTE: but there are emails flying around and are now starting to turn up on lists. apparently someone complained about the wording and got an insulting response from an editor. this is what has been reported, i dont know who the response came from.

Thanks for passing on that accusation PatC. As far as I am aware there has been NO response from an editor that was insulting. There was a response from a NON-editor who was also subscribed to the open editorial list to which anyone can subscribe. I think this has since been dealt with. All lists that are genuine responses from IMC Ireland Editorial are:
1) crossposted to the respondent and the editorial list (check the list to see if the response has also gone out to all the other editors. If it hasn't then it has no validity. Even if it has then it may be followed by a response from other editors.)
2) signed as "1 of IMC Ireland Editorial" or "1 of IMC Ireland Volunteers"
3) not contested by other members of the editorial committee.

In short, just because you post to the list and get a response from someone you're not guaranteed that person is an editor. The only genuine response is an open one that all the other editors can see (and if necessary contest).

author by All Black Paddypublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 05:10author address author phone

I agree with the thrust of Niall Hartnetts comments. However the main problem that I have with the new format is that the text is way too small in general. I have good eyesight and I can just about read the news articles. The text on this page (add comments) above the white boxes is completely illegible. Is there some setting button that I haven't seen? I have tried changing screen size from 1024*768 to 800*600, made no difference. I never had this problem before and if it's the same for everyone then you'll be losing a lot of readers with pooreer eyesight who won't be interested in squinting at the screen ('tis bad enough to be looking at them normally!) to read Irelands best news site.
P.S. Can't read the terms and conditions for publishing either but I'm sure I'll agree with them.

author by Seán Ryanpublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 07:33author address author phone

I just googled the following search term: (inverted commas included)

"cyber law"

1,680,000 results for the term

"Aw shite," I said to myself, my ego deflated somewhat, "maybe I need to include me name, to narrow it down a bit."

"Still its only been online 3 days," I comforted myself.

Then I spotted that beautiful word; indymedia

Hit number 4.

I shit ye not.

I'll not fit my head through the door.

Indymedia, where history is written first.

author by Seánpublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 08:58author address author phone

In my ecstatic haze at the thoughts that such a slap in the face to patenting, existed up there right next to harvard and other such promoters of ignorance, I lost my ability to count. Cyber law is actually fifth. Still in the golden rectangle, where one doesn't need to scroll. Microsoft and other similar shitheads don't even get a look in.

the search term without the commas, yielded a result of 13,700,000 hits. It was outta da rectangle a bit. But was still on the page. Hit no. 7

13,700,000 thanks to the tech Gods, and to the rest of ye.

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:01author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

The text size hasn't changed! (except in a few small places). I suspect you've mistakenly set the text size to smaller than normal in your browser (control + mouse wheel).

There is also a link in the user preferences box on the left hand menu which allows you to increase the text size.

author by organisepublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:54author address author phone

fair play to all involved in the site but i must make some basic observations, the colour is terrible, i thought it was just temporary, from a basic colour-psychological point of view, anyone who logged on to the old site will be much more likely to stay browsing because it is bright.. the current colour is closer to a grey, and really uninviting..... please please change back to the old, ahem... when its not broken dont fix it, damn i hate complaining.. sorry but needs to be said: the old site was much much better

author by Davy Carlinpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 13:17author address author phone

Good new additions - just one point though -

- I think the colour scheme is so so sleepy and so boring - it really is folks.

The rest is spot on - but would be sound as a pound with the old colours - methinks. D

author by chancerpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 17:58author address author phone

As a web developer myself I reckon the new colours are great, very crisp and professional looking. The old site always looked a bit clunky and the colours were too jarring. As far as the text goes I can't see any problems. The colour of text is never a problem for legibility, its the contrast between forground and background, and on that score I think the site gets ten out of ten.

To most people the old site probably looked like any typical cheapass activist site, but the new layout looks like a real proper news site, much less likely to turn mainstream people off who generally have mindset that only trusts brandnames and "official" looking things.

And I don't understand people who say they can't find this or they can't find that, just look around, its just a matter of familiarity, and would be the same on any site, probably the old one too when you first used it.

Great stuff!

author by Greengrasspublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 18:09author address author phone

"The colour of text is never a problem for legibility, its the contrast between forground and background"

In that case look at the Latest Comments page. You may notice that the story and comment titles are the same shade of green as the side bar and do not contrast enough with the light green background.

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 18:14author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

The tones have been fiddled with here and there. I pretty much agree with chancer though.

By the way, the constrast on the latest comments page are now actually considerably greater than they were on the old site. Go figure.

author by readerpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 19:25author address author phone

The list of other imcs should definitly be put back fully, any chance that people would cick to other imcs should be increased and is vital to this one.

author by RobbieSpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 19:39author email robbiesin at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

Chekov wrote:
"There is also a link in the user preferences box on the left hand menu which allows you to increase the text size".

I've just discovered that the only thing that gets bigger ahem, when I use this, are the graphics. Text-size remains the same.

I use Windows XP, resolution 1024x768, display setting to High Contrast 1. In Internet Explorer, text size normal.

I only dicovered this, because the front page has been too big for my screen since Oscailt3 was launched, and I've had to use scroll-bar or arrows to find newswire. Page sizes for articles are eratic, but this one is perfect this time.

The problem may be with XP (surprise, surpise!), but I never had such problems on Oscailt2.

When I scroll over, the margin/gutter on the right seems unnecessarilly large (much larger than before).

IThe debate over the new newswire seems to have been resolved for now, but I find the comments layout mildly annoying.

The grouping of comments into numbered links makes it less easy to search for words or phrases used, especially in articles with dozens of comments. Ctl+F does the job nicely on Windows if the comments aren't divied or segmented.

author by RobbieSpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 19:43author address author phone

I've just found the number of comments per page options at the bottom right hand corner.

author by dunk - revolt videopublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 19:50author email revoltvideo at hushmail dot comauthor address author phone

revolt video had its first meeting in seomra spraoi last wednesday, very good, lots of interesting projects in the pipeline
anyway next wed we are having a workshop and tutorial evening, we emailed and asked some of imc-ie could they come along to take us through the new oscailt features- we hope someone will be able to attend.
eitherway we will be giving workshops on photo, audio, video, computer use. we should have some free software to distribute

Related Link:
author by dunkpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 20:09author address author phone

Context Sensitive headlines - every article is now accompanied by a list of headlines from the same author and with the same category - making it much easier to follow threads through our coverage of issues. - maybe a link to how to do this would help

will some editor have to add the little audio image on past audio threads so as when you click on audio you get all past stuff,

personally prefer the old gif which has been reinstated, conasoid impra.......

def agree all links to full imc network should be put back along left edge

a link, to get up to date reports of hits etc, and a visual to show this, ie a graph of months to hits etc, and

all in all though, great stuff

author by userpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 21:07author address author phone

when I click on the more>> at the bottom of the breakingnews bit of the newswire it brings me to I was expecting more breaking news...

author by billypublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 21:46author address author phone

Overall i like the new look, some things took a bit of getting used to, but now i know my way around.

One thing though I don't like is the the exclamation mark icon to right of every comment to report abuse. It's too ugly. Maybe it should be changed to nice pastel red colour like that used by the author and calendar icons below each comment title. And maybe it could be moved over there too so it doesn't jump out as much.

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 23:05author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

Billy, I like the cut of your jib. I agree with you about the alarming look of the icon but I didn't have a good idea of how to fix it - now I do. Thanks!

author by chekov - 1 of Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Sat Feb 04, 2006 00:03author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

That's a bug - nice one for spotting it.

author by davepublication date Sat Feb 04, 2006 18:26author address author phone

as someone who has worked with colours and their effects a lot (i also did my thesis on it, boring i know but hey) i must admit that the shade of green here is one that will suit very very few people, the older green is more likely to keep people returning to the site ( same reason why corporate websites are bright and often have music as you first enter), this shade of green is not one that will encourage first time users to indymedia to return to indymedia, its boring, uncaptivating and i would highly highly recommend changing it back to the older shade of green or developing a brighter shade, you would be astounded as to how important and effective colours are upon the mind. even if indymedia foolishly decide to keep this shade of green i would recommend placing the writing in a colour other than white, the white and the extremely light green are a disastorous mix for any website that is attempting to gain support, grow as a collective/ movement etc. Really, i cannot re-iterate the importance of colour and keeping this shade is a step backwards, everything else is fine but the colour is really inappropiate, perhaps better for a fluffy type peace site but not a non corporate politcal site, why do you think most other indymedia sites are black or deep colours? deep colours are much much more effective.As a bit of empiraical social research( peculiar life that i lead) i asked three friends of mine who had never looked at indymedia to go the site yesterday , i then showed them the old site as i had a page saved on my computer, all of them thought that the old colour was much better and they all said they would be more likely to return to the old site... all of them used the word boring to describe the colour, thus, i can only encourage the editorial to change the colour.

author by tcpublication date Sat Feb 04, 2006 21:36author address author phone

>thats why corporate websites are bright and often have music as you first enter

Maybe I'm the exception but I've never stayed on a website that has music, in fact i can't think of anything cheesier, and I think bright colours just look cheap and tacky. I mean have you ever gone to those socialist sites with all their hyperactive reds and blacks, they look like children made them.

>why do you think most other indymedia sites are black or deep colours?

Eh probably 'cos they were made by activists who love all that "in your face" hyperactivity. it works well for a poster thats trying to catch your attention, but I think for a website that you have to read everyday, you want something more akin to newspaper or magazine, easy on the eye like.

author by anarchaeologistpublication date Sat Feb 04, 2006 22:44author address author phone

Actually, after a couple of days looking at it, it is getting lighter on the eye. tc's right. Keep the new green!

author by Sonidos Libertariospublication date Sun Feb 05, 2006 03:24author email sonidoslibertarios at resist dot caauthor address author phone

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author by eye rubbingpublication date Sun Feb 05, 2006 15:39author address author phone

the grey, i mean green is making me sleepy, zzzzzz

author by El Bullpublication date Mon Feb 06, 2006 01:32author address author phone

Madam Editor,

I really like what you’ve done with your front page. It hadn’t really occurred to me that the cover of the Irish Times could do with a makeover, but when I saw your new layout, well, it was just great… asdf asdf asdf…

I never got to pen such appreciation to Madam Editor when she changed the layout/format of the front page of the IT last year (or was it as far back as 2004?). One must be somewhat reserved in one’s praise, and since there was no constructive criticism I could offer, just lavish praise, I held back in the end.

So, by virtue of my publishing, you’ll have guessed that I have some constructive criticism to offer. I’ll start with an acknowledgement that the layout is aesthetically pleasing. I also like the separation into breaking news and opinion, although it was only this evening that I noticed it.

But I must have my whinge – the events page has not benefited from the whole Oscailt 3 thing. In particular, I preferred it when I could see the location of each event listed next to it (even if posters did often list their events as national or international, when there was a specific location in Ireland that could be identified with the event). I also preferred the layout whereby each event was effectively a separate row on a table that laid things out month by month. This new format of one table per week, where each day has a column just isn’t doing it for me. But it’s the location thing that’s really getting to me. Is it that Dublin-centric that we assume it’s a Dublin-based event, unless there’s another location named in the title? I don’t like it, boy.

I haven’t much insight into the launch version 3.0 of your Oscailt content management system, other than shareware is the ultimate weapon against the software monopolists, so big shout out to all who put their time into developing this.

And finally, in the spirit of comradely constructive criticism, I’ve just spotted a typo on the publish page: the Please Note paragraph has a double-s newss.

And really finally this time, have ye changed the rating with the web-censors? The 'net-nanny at work won't allow me to log onto anymore 'cos it's political!

El Bull

author by oscailt-botpublication date Mon Feb 06, 2006 01:58author email chekov at indymedia dot ieauthor address author phone

author by Darrenpublication date Mon Feb 06, 2006 14:24author address author phone

Well done for committing yourself to translating as much of the site into Irish as you can. Coinnigh suas leis an obair.

author by brendanpublication date Tue Feb 07, 2006 21:26author address author phone

When i first saw the new format i thought it was just an oversight, a bit of artwork that wasnt finished but would appear soon. On the top left of the page underneath features and newswire where i assume the title indymedia ireland is supposed to appear i still have a blank space. i only copped on when i read someone elses comment about what they can see, just thought i'd let you know but i guess its something wrong at my end

author by nestor - anarkismo.netpublication date Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:19author address author phone

Compliments for the new version, it seems fun. However, in the "Some Background" section of the article above, the link to Anarkismo is wrong: it should be not .org Thanks!

Related Link:
author by redjadepublication date Fri Feb 10, 2006 15:54author address author phone

Email to IMC-Ireland Mailing List (Feb 10 2006)...
'the use of html in writing comments or articles by only a few members of the collective with editorial privelage runs counter to the principles of a democratic newswire and paves the way for elitist use. I propose that the use of html be prohibited in both articles and comments and only appear in feature articles in the central column.'

I think this email was directed at me from another thread discussion, so, here's the How-To's doing the small amount of HTML that Oscailt 3.0 allows us here....

Try it out!
Try it out!

author by cliChe Guevarapublication date Fri Feb 10, 2006 16:57author address author phone

colour scheme looks like it was done by ogra sinn fein but apart from that its fine

author by gay georipublication date Fri Feb 10, 2006 22:55author address author phone

When u publish you see the following:

"Below is the URL of your contribution. If you want to create links to your story, you can cut and paste this URL into your webpage."

It should say:

"Below is the URL of your contribution. If you want to create links to your story, you can copy and paste this URL into your webpage."

author by Darrenpublication date Sat Feb 11, 2006 16:53author address author phone

I think the "latest comments" link should be bigger. I find it very easy to miss.

author by redjade - Devotees of Saint Jakobpublication date Sun Feb 12, 2006 01:58author address author phone

I think the default is on 5 comments a page - do people know that?

should the default be on 'all' or on '5'?

is it easy to understand that you can alter this?

someone geeky like moi would know how to alter my indy-environ prefs, but do others?

what would Jakob Nielsen's do?

so many options - how do people know what to do?
so many options - how do people know what to do?

author by RobbieSpublication date Sun Feb 12, 2006 20:20author address author phone

I still have the spatial problems I referred to a week ago

I thought I'd hold off till the next problem report. Here it is.

"Ltest Comments First" is over-written by the box in which it should be contained, and "Save Preferences" and "view titles only" are outside the box.

This doesn't apply to this article because there are that many comments that the box has stretched downward to cover all the above phrases.

It's just a technical thing, since I don't need to use the link, and it's probably just occurring because of my weird settings. Never occurred on Oscailt2 nor any other of the best websites.

I don't see what was to be gained by adding the boxes, anyway.

The report comments button is great for finding out the link to a comm, somethin' I couldn't do before. This might prevent replication in discussions to come.

author by Gay Georipublication date Sun Feb 12, 2006 20:22author address author phone

Yes, a welcome addition - thank you for including this. If I can suggest you clarify in the help what em and strong do it might help (there may be uneducated non-structuralists out there still stuck with and .

Also, I am not clear on the use of small. Seems unncecessary. I think CITE might be a better choice.

Back to search - the icon on the top right hand definitely does nothing, whereas the menu option on the left does - I presume they should launch the same functionality...

(Jakob Neilsen changes his mind a lot by the way, but he does emphasise the need to allow for short cuts for advanced users and for the user to remain in control of font sizes, etc).

author by Chekovpublication date Sun Feb 12, 2006 21:34author address author phone

A couple of responses.

To Robbie: the spatial problems reported last week are still a mystery to me and I can't reproduce them anywhere - I'll keep looking though. The links coming out of the box are a consequence of a CSS bug in IE - there is a workaround but it's not implemented yet.

To Gaygeoir: the search box in the top right hand corner should definitely work. You have to replace the search indymedia text with your search string before you hit the icon.

author by RobbieSpublication date Wed Feb 15, 2006 19:14author address author phone

The spatial odity I reported earlier, I have found in worse measure on Mozilla Firefox. In Firefox, only one half of the screen (left or right) is visible at one time. The problem may be with Windows XP rather than IE. I dunno.

author by Gay Georipublication date Thu Feb 16, 2006 17:16author email gaygeori at graffiti dot netauthor address author phone

Chekov - thanks - yes, you're right it works. A stupid novice user mistake by me., I guess.

The site is looking great. I think the usability is improved greatly and it should be reflected big-time in the traffic logs soon. I noticed Indymedia.IE is on the up on (yeah, I know the usual caveats) - and the Freedom Institute Swiftian Hoax has been exposed as users desert the effete tossposts in comparison to which is going the other way ... beats Freedom Institute beats Freedom Institute

author by Chekovpublication date Thu Feb 16, 2006 17:25author address author phone

Oscailt is an independent media centre content management system developed by the Indymedia Ireland Tech Group, and written using PHP and MySql. The word "Oscailt" is an Irish word meaning "open" and is pronounced kind of like us-kilt or us-cult or us-culch depending upon your accent.

Oscailt 3.0 has been in development for 22 months - the last six months of which were mainly concerned with testing. We advise all users of Oscailt to prepare to upgrade to this version as it fixes a number of security problems in the existing code and adds many new features.

Although the new features are far too many to mention, we believe that this release represents a step forward for IMC codebases in a number of areas.

1. Security and anti-spam measures. Oscailt offers administrators a new seven-layer anti-spam / anti-troll defence system. This is detailed at:

2. A modular architecture that supports flexible plug ins. Some basic information about this is at:

3. A fully configurable role based access control model which supports user accounts with fine-grained control over permissions.

4. A user preference system which allows users to exercise considerable control over how they view the site.

5. An infinitely flexible management system for building new page layouts - oscailt should be able to implement any conceivable page layout without modifying any HTML or code.

6. A plethora of new syndication related features. Oscailt contains built in feeds of every variety of rss and atom. Each story has an associated feed of comments in all syndication formats. Podcasts from the site include all linked multimedia files. Oscailt also supports easy creation of an infinite number of blog-rolls and imported feeds plus a unique 'import feed story' feature, which allows users to import feed items into their local IMC from any imported feeds with a click of their mouse. An example is at: (not yet live on the Irish site btw).

7. A fully intergrated page translation system allowing you to translate all of your pages through the site interface and supporting true transparent multilingual sites.


All of Oscailt's documentation is held on our wiki at: . Here you can find details on Oscailt's main features, how to install it, and lots more. As with all wikis it's a continuous work in progress so feel free to make or suggest additions and changes.


Oscailt is freely available to use and download under the terms of the GPL.

To download the latest version go to the oscailt project page on sourceforge.


Oscailt is a continually evolving codebase and all contributions are welcome. CVS access to the codebase is available at sourceforge.

All discussion concerning Oscailt takes place on the Oscailt Mailing List. Please subscribe if you wish to play a part in Oscailt's future development.

Bear in mind when submitting code that the primary focus of Oscailt is to serve the needs of Indymedia Ireland and this will be the primary factor in deciding whether to integrate submitted code. That said, the needs of Indymedia Ireland probably overlap a great deal with the needs of other independent media centres, so the code should be generally useful. And even then, as the code is open source you are free to create and maintain your own derivative branch if you so wish.

Let Us Know what you think of oscailt.

author by Chekovpublication date Thu Feb 16, 2006 17:46author address author phone

A big thank you to all who offered constructive feedback - it was very helpful in assembling the final release.

author by negative feedbackpublication date Thu Feb 16, 2006 20:02author address author phone


author by redjadepublication date Fri Feb 24, 2006 21:55author address author phone

Let me tell ya why...

Type in the name of an Indymedia Regular that posts into Google....

and see the top listings...

paula geraghty



noise hacker

google sucks up the Author info into its collective hive mind!

almost a blog - but not.

woo hoo!

author by iosafpublication date Fri Feb 24, 2006 22:48author address author phone

oscailt the software of 666 and posh nch green without the "close your effin html prompt" has caused the Google hive mind to downgrade and disregard my contributions to autonomedia, al muajaha, and for some effin reason upped my one comment ever ever on cymru. Oh well two years ago an internal mail on the barcelona indymedia list on the closure of the basque language newspaper egunkarria was hit number one. I suppose I becoming acceptable thanks to Oscailt 3.
sure they're naming kids and schools after me.

let this be a warning to ye all! use a fake name so your employers don't associate you with the radical muppets! hee hee hee just like that sardonic sarcastic editor dude hee hee hee

Indymedia Ireland is a media collective. We are independent volunteer citizen journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people. Indymedia Ireland is an open news project where anyone can post their own news, comment, videos or photos about Ireland or related matters.