Fluoride In Drinking Water

Ireland has the sickest population in Europe. This country is also the only one in the EU which engages in mandatory fluoridation of the water.

It is time we got rid of this poison imposed on us without our consent. After all it is the 21st century and we should not have to put up with this sort of behaviour by dysfunctional government and city councils.

Here we outline some key findings uncovered by environmental scientist Declan Waugh who decided to investigate this issue and produced a very detailed and comprehensive report back in Feb 2012 and what he found disturbed him.

We should end this outrageous farce and start prosecuting those politicians, advisors and others promoting this poison. There is a potential here for a huge level of litigation against the government, councils and closed-minded scientists who pushed this on the population for the last 50 years.

And incidently the cost of fluoridation when the 250 water treatment plants are included are likely to be hundreds of millions of euros. See link at end of page

So What's The Problem With Fluoride?

But first here are some quotes from interview with Declan Waugh in Hot Press Interview in Feb 2013

When I started looking at the health data for Ireland, I had no idea that our nation was as sick as it is. Ireland has:

  • the highest cancer incidence of all European countries, even as far as Russia.
  • the highest incidence of neurological illness
  • the highest incidence of cardiovascular illness
  • and the highest incidence of diabetes.
There is no doubt in my mind that the record-breaking levels of sickness in Ireland are related to our water fluoridation. Other European countries either never started the practice, or gave it up decades ago.

What about America?

In 2006, the National Academy of Sciences in America published one of the most comprehensive reports on fluoride, known as the National Research Council (NRC) report. 12 experts from a whole range of medical and toxicological backgrounds spent four years reviewing all the data. The findings of their 500-page report were astonishing. It details how fluoride affects things like the thyroid, diabetes, cancer, neurological illnesses, gastro-intestinal diseases, skeletal and muscular-skeletal pain, lowered IQ and other neurological problems in children…

Here are some parts of this report below highlighted by the folks at: News-Beacon Ireland. You can read the full report here and the technical report here. It was sent to all TDs (members of the Irish Parliament), MEPs (members of the European Parliament) and County Managers amongst others by Declan Waugh. Follow up by asking them by phone, e-mail, letter to act on it!

Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation

A summary report prepared by Declan Waugh, B.Sc., C.Env., MCIWEM, MIEMA, MCIWM

The Author undertook this research as a concerned parent and care provider following the recommendations of scientific committees that parents should be knowledgeable about the adverse health effects of fluoride exposure on their children as well as their own individual dietary fluoride intake as a measure towards preventative healthcare.

There has never been any comprehensive environmental risk assessment examining human toxicity, the environmental impact and the legal implications of water fluoridation. This is both illogical and unlawful.

One central and astonishing fact that has been documented repeatedly by every assessment to date is that the products used for water fluoridation have never been tested for safety on humans nor the environment.

It is absolutely certain that the policy of mandatory water fluoridation violates both European and International Law.

In the context of existing EU and national regulatory legislation concerning the environment, health and food, it has been found that the policy of water fluoridation contravenes thirteen EU Directives, three EU Food Regulations, four Statutory Regulatory Instruments, one EU Medical Directive, One EU Product Directive, seven international Treaties, three European Conventions and six European Action Policies totalling thirty-eight separate acts of legislation.

(e.g.:) Fluoride is listed as an undesirable substance in Annex 1 of Directive 80/778/EEC relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Ireland is the only country in the European Union with a mandatory legislative policy on water fluoridation.

The ever-growing body of scientific literature examining the potential impact on humans and the environment of the toxic effects of fluoridation compounds are reviewed in this report. Over two hundred and twenty separate peer-reviewed scientific publications covering every aspect of medicine and environmental assessment from dental health to biochemistry, toxicology, metabolism, the blood, bone research, the brain, metabolism, epidemiology, pharmacology, neurotoxicology, molecular neurobiology, dental health and environmental toxicology have been examined and reviewed. In total over twelve hundred scientific references are provided in this report allowing the health, legal and environmental impacts to be examined in some detail alongside associated risks that have not yet been previously examined elsewhere. All of the evidence is convergent and demonstrates that fluoride compounds should not be added to public water supplies, when examined collectively the evidence clearly demonstrates that fluoridation of drinking water supplies is both unsafe and having significant negative health implications for human health, society and the natural environment.

Following a comprehensive review of the most up-to-date scientifically valid information available, the inescapable conclusion reached in this study, is that the practice of water fluoridation results in the ingestion by the public, and release into the environment, of dangerous chemicals that are harmful to public health and the environment.

…behaviour-altering pollutants such as fluoride

Research findings have demonstrated the ability of fluoride to act as an enzymatic poison in the human body inhibiting critical metabolic pathways required for healthy living. This report clearly demonstrates how inhibition of certain metabolic pathways is linked with increased neurological and cardiovascular diseases as well as dental, skeletal and mental fluorosis. Apart from bones and teeth many of the essential human organs in the body are directly affected by fluoride including the heart, kidneys, liver and pineal gland. Fluoride is now known to cause calcification in human arteries resulting in plaque formation and increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Significant calcification also occurs in the pineal gland and kidneys.

Fluoride is now known to act as a destabiliser of calcium and magnesium bonding in the human body with serious consequences for human health. Fluoride is also known to have major co-toxicity health implications when it complexes with other pollutants present in water such as aluminium. This is known to have major health implications including neurological and chronic bone pain.

Fluoridation of water supplies may be regarded as an insidious poison that accumulates in the human body and environment over time. As with any poison the severity of the health problems depends on how much fluoride an individual is exposed to and at what stage in their development. In many respects, the toxicity of fluoride is similar to both lead and arsenic.

It is also apparent that by ending the policy of water fluoridation, it would save the Exchequer much needed tax revenue that could be spent on critical healthcare, education, infrastructure or community and social programmes. Public finances could also be more appropriately directed to public dental health programmes for the disadvantaged. It is additionally apparent, given the alarming number of health risks and diseases resulting from exposure to fluoride, that the single biggest contribution and potential cost-saving exercise the current Government could make to support the Health Service in Ireland, while benefiting the health and welfare of its citizens, could be achieved by following the precautionary approach and ending the policy of water fluoridation.

The most recent investigations of fluoride and water fluoridation have documented the growing weight of toxicological and epidemiological evidence that there is a clear public health risk associated with the addition of fluoride (or fluoride substances) to public drinking water supplies. Fluoride is now known to be a risk factor in developing many of the most serious health problems prevalent in the population of Ireland. This includes neurological and cardiovascular disease, type ii diabetes, osteoporosis, hypercalcemia, sarcoidosis, skeletal fluorosis, skeletal muscular disorders and pediodontal disease.

The incidence of these diseases in Ireland is far above the global average. It is reasonable to conclude that fluoridation of drinking water supplies is having both a significant negative health and economic impact on consumers and wider society. Apart from the many health risks associated with over-exposure to fluoride, it is classified as a persistent inorganic pollutant that can bio-accumulate in the environment and food chain. Fluoride in the body is retained in calcified tissue, bone and teeth as well as the pineal gland, kidney and other tissues. In blood, fluoride acts an an enzymatic poison inhibiting normal metabolic processes in the body.

the following question must be asked; is it acceptable for the Government of Ireland to continue to conduct what amounts to an uncontrolled experiment on its own people?

Even the most rational person would agree that, given the potential risks and potent health hazards associated with water fluoridation, the small likelihood of any perceived benefit cannot be used as a basis for placing the entire population at risk to compounds that have not been thoroughly tested for their toxicity in humans.

Clearly therefore the only sensible, pragmatic, scientific, moral and legal approach is to end the policy of water fluoridation immediately.

Failure to do so, in light of the findings in this report, would represent a gross failure of responsibility and political leadership.

Statement from Declan Waugh -author of Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation Report.

Since 2011 I have been engaged, purely on a voluntary basis, in research of the effect of fluoride on human health and the environment. In recent times the Republic of Ireland has witnessed a dramatic and unprecedented increase in medical ailments that has resulted in alarming levels of disease burden amongst the population. Environmental pollutants play a major role in promoting ill-health.

Fluoride has been scientifically documented to contribute to a wide range of illnesses and is known to be an enzymatic poison and metabolic inhibitor in humans, animals and aquatic species. Because of the lack of appropriate due diligence and environmental health risk assessment in examining this policy, in particular the complete lack of appropriate toxicological assessment of the chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water, I decided to undertake my own independent research and to make this information available to the general public.

All of the information included in my study is sourced from peer reviewed scientific and medical journals including scholarly articles from reputable academics, professionals and organisations. To read the final report that was submitted in March 2012 to the Government of Ireland, the EU parliament and the WHO, please click here.

Further information is available to download by accessing the download menu at Enviro.ie

Additional information is available on this Blog website by clicking here

European Court of Justice ruling:

ECJ ruling in 2005 (Warenvertriebs and Orthica) states that where a product appears to beboth a food and medicinal product, the medicinal legislation takes precedence. They mustalso be subjected to pharmaceutical scrutiny and be issued with a licence. We believe theaddition of toxic fluorides to drinking water changes the function from a drink to a medicinalproduct and as such is subject to licence. Fluoridated water has no licence. We believefluoridated water breaches this ruling and must be stopped immediately.

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Lastly ....

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