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'Filthy, Disgusting and Selfish'

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday August 01, 2021 17:39author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot com Report this post to the editors

New South Wales Police and The Australian Defence Force

The New South Wales Police Force leaders are deflecting attention away from their 'filthy, selfish and disgusting' history by vilifying freedom fighters.

When New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys raged last week about perceived ‘filthy, disgusting and selfish’ people among the population of Australia, the only thing that was missing from the scripted, theatrical performance was a mirror.

The same can be said for New South Wales Police Minister, David Elliott, who described government dissenters as ‘very selfish boofheads.’ The word boofhead is defined by Collin’s Dictionary as ‘a very stupid person’ or ‘a person or animal with a large head’. Both definitions can be applied to Elliott. Reading his lines carefully last week as he sported what looked like a cement block on his shoulders, little doubt was left in the minds of anyone who had ever questioned Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychological projection.

Australians at this stage are more than familiar with the outbursts of this mentally unstable sociopath. A former member of the murderous Australian Defence Force, Elliott has consistently displayed the traits required for one to be initiated in the cesspit that is Australian politics. A certifiable lunatic, he once threatened to rip someone’s head off on a Father’s social media group page and promised to ‘shit in the hole’. In line with the perverse nature of the Masonic Australian establishment, he has also openly spoken of his wishes to have his very own underage children strip-searched by the police and was arrested in 2019 when he manhandled a 17-year-old boy, after chasing him through backstreets. This deeply disturbed maniac is better suited to a room with padded walls than a government office.

Before anyone suggests that Elliott’s ‘boofhead’ remark was an emotional outburst brought on by genuine concern for the Australian public, we should consider that in 2019, when Australia was burning due to the worst bushfires in living memory, he was the Minister for Emergency Services and left the country in its darkest hour to go on a vacation. As thousands of homes were been destroyed, as over a billion animals were killed and as firefighters were dying horrible deaths in their efforts to quell the flames, Elliott, the head of New South Wales’ emergency department, packed his bags and embarked on a luxury European getaway.

I think we can safely say that this man, despite the on-screen acting, could not give a shit about the health or well-being of Australians, nor anyone else for that matter.

Incidentally, Elliott, in the typical fashion of an insecure bully afflicted with low self-esteem, stayed deathly quiet last year when it came to the bought-and-paid-for establishment-funded Black Lives Matter protests. Evidently, he can distinguish between actual, real dissent and phony Rockefeller, Soros and Ford Foundation-sponsored astroturf movements. He is permitted by his puppeteers to speak out only against the former.

The fear of God has been placed in the cold hearts of the demented lunatics who are deliberately working on behalf of their overlords to destroy the city of Sydney. Staring down from their ivory towers, they watched anxiously as the oppressed people of their nation began to rise up against them. With full knowledge that their power is completely illusory, the vermin scurried, desperately trying to put together some type of plan B, as their greatest fears inched closer to realisation.

Spineless reptiles like Elliot and Worboys are fully aware that the power given to them by the masses, which they then use to fill their coffers with ill-gotten wealth, can be eliminated by the people at a moment’s notice. With their authority hanging on by a thread, they are very aware that a contingency plan has to be put in place. Tax-payer-funded slippery snakes like these two can only turn to the tactic of division when they are threatened. Turning one cohort of the population (the one that is, remarkably, so scared of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate, that they will abdicate all freedoms and liberties to political parasites) against the other (the one that will fight tooth and nail for those same freedoms and liberties) the attention is moved away from the real criminals, i.e, sleazebags like Elliot and Worboys and the people they serve. This is the reason both men spoke out so strongly, in direct opposition to the very concept of liberal democracy, and attempted to vilify and slander the freedom fighters of their nation through the whores of Australia’s farcical mainstream media outlets.

The second option they have of course is to turn to their useful idiots - the double-digit IQ soldiers of the Globalist billionaires in the Australian Defence Force and the Neanderthals of the New South Wales Police Department. Both organisations are mired with a history of having committed every type of atrocity imaginable - including, but not limited to, rape, murder, child sexual abuse and torture. These are indeed organisations that have been representative of everything that is ‘filthy, disgusting and selfish’ throughout their existence. They are now being deployed in great numbers to supposedly keep Australians safe.

Those who find solace in this may want to have a look at the Brereton Report, which was released in November 2019 as a result of an inquiry into war crimes in Afghanistan. The report uncovered cold-blooded murders committed by the heartless psychopaths of the Australian military in a killing rampage that was described as ‘the most disgraceful episode in Australia’s military history.’ The ‘filthy, disgusting, selfish’ war criminals involved in these murders were guilty of performing extrajudicial killings and had engaged in a sick initiation known as ‘blooding’, in which Afghani prisoners would be sacrificed to junior soldiers for the purpose of achieving the ‘first kill’. Once inducted into this death cult, these soldiers would go on to take part in ‘body count competitions’. Prisoners were sometimes shot to death so as to save space in helicopters. Not even children were immune to the sins of these savages, as evidence shows that some as young as six years of age had been callously executed. One account details how two young boys, aged 14, were murdered when Australian soldiers slit their throats and dumped their bodies into a nearby river. One man was brutally beaten and tortured while he had his hands tied behind his back. Senior commandos justified the assaults saying ‘it was OK because he was a bad guy.’ It was also revealed by another Afghani how his brother, a civilian by the name of Ali Jan, went out on a trip to buy flour for his wife and seven children when he was suddenly approached and detained by soldiers from the Australian Defence Force. One of the Australian men, who went by the name of Leonidas, would then take a handcuffed Ali to a clifftop and viciously kick him until he fell off the edge and landed on his head ten metres below. The severely injured Afghani was then summarily executed with a bullet to what was left of his head by Leonidas.

The lust for blood that was shown by the personnel of the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan should terrify anyone who is even half-awake in Sydney when they are informed of the deployment of such characters to the streets of the city. As David Elliott, Gary Worboys and others like them will try to convince you that it is the unvaccinated and the rebellious that you should be in fear of, it is worth remembering, that the most dangerous criminals among us are the people who are running the show.

Gary Worboys should indeed be very aware that dangerous criminals exist, and have for years, within his very own department. Some of Australia’s most sadistic and ruthless murderers were card-carrying, badge wielding members of the New South Wales Police Force. Australians the world over will be very familiar with the names, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara. Both of these men served in the force as detectives. Rogerson, in particular, was highly decorated, having received over a dozen awards, and became somewhat of a celebrity in his home nation. McNamara became well-known for his fight against the ubiquitous putrescence that existed in the New South Wales Police Department and, until he showed his true colours, was considered by many to be incorruptible. What very few people realised is that, like most people who rave about draining the swamp, along with Rogerson, he was knee-deep in it. Both men were heavily invested in Sydney’s underworld and had built up alliances with some of Australia’s most notorious criminals. In May 2014, the detectives arranged a meeting with 20-year-old, Jamie Gao, in a methamphetamine deal. When Gao showed up, Rogerson decided to renege on the deal and refused to hand over the money for the drugs. In a cold-blooded act, New South Wales’ finest took a gun out and shot Gao dead, taking the methamphetamine afterwards, which he intended to distribute via his underworld contacts throughout Australia. McNamara would then go on to assist Rogerson in dumping Gao’s body at sea. In September 2016, both men were found guilty of the murder. It is believed that this was not the first murder committed by Rogerson, as it was revealed by McNamara in 2020, that he had often boasted of many other killings. It has even been suggested that Rogerson killed as many as twelve people.

But the filth doesn’t stop there. In fact, so entrenched in crime and corruption is the New South Wales Police Force, it has cost the taxpayer over $100 million in legal settlements and hush money. Between the years 2016 and 2020, the department had settled over 100 cases out of court, some of which included unlawful arrests, false imprisonment, illegal searches, aggravated assault and harassment of citizens. However, the full details of these cases of abuse of power may never be known due to confidentiality clauses that prohibit victims of the egregious acts from speaking out. Like all criminal organisations, the gangsters of Australia’s policing departments have developed a method of keeping their deplorable behaviour secret. We do know, however, thanks to the Police Integrity Commission of 2017, that New South Wales’ crooked cops have been involved in multiple nefarious enterprises with one of them even running his own illegal brothel. Others have been linked to Australia’s infamous bikie gangs, some have held side jobs as debt collectors and many were shown to be involved in the narcotics trade.

Homicide, corruption and drug trafficking are bad enough, but most sane people would agree that there is nothing as ‘filthy, disgusting and selfish’ as the sexual abuse of children. Indeed the department that Gary Worboys and David Elliott now represent has had its fair share of perverted sickos in their ranks. For years the department hosted a depraved child sex predator who was billed Manuel the Monster. Manuel eventually left his job as a New South Wales Police Officer and became a government support worker. Both positions were used by him to feed his urge to abuse children in the most sinister of ways, right under the noses of the authorities. In 2019, he was convicted of 76 charges of child sex abuse.

Little has changed since Manuel was put away though. In April 2020, a New South Wales Police Officer had his home raided after his colleagues discovered that he was accessing child pornography in South Sydney. Then in December 2020, another police officer from New South Wales was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16.

And when New South Wales Police Officers are not engaging in acts of abuse against children themselves, they are turning a blind eye to those that do - particularly if the perpetrators are part of the Australian ruling class. For example, in March of this year, they were obliged to investigate a very serious accusation that was made against a sitting Cabinet minister. Allegations were made that an unnamed member of parliament had raped a girl in 1988 when she was 16 years old. Excerpts from the victim’s diary, as well as a photograph, were presented to Prime Minister Scott Morrison by the accuser’s lawyer. It was also revealed that the victim had committed suicide the previous year. Cowardly, compromised Morrison refused to set up an investigation into the rape allegation and instead asked that it be handled by the New South Wales police. In response, the State force refused to investigate.

Filthy, disgusting racism is evident among the ranks of Elliott and Worboy’s squad as well. As is general poor manners, lack of professionalism and unruly behaviour. Only just a year ago, we saw all this in action as reports surfaced in the mainstream media of the degradation and disrespect that was shown to two Afghani women in Western Sydney by two foul-mouthed, ignorant, badge wielding morons. A 24-year-old woman was driving in a car with her stepmother when they were pulled over and the driver was told that she was the ‘stupidest person’ the officers had ever met. The officers then went on to threaten both ladies, saying that they would be falsely arrested for possessing drugs and warned them that they would be ‘going in the back of the paddy wagon as accessory to bloody murder’ They also reminded the women that if they were stopped by police in Afghanistan they would be ‘shot from behind.’

Those within the New South Wales Aboriginal community have also been subjected to racist brutality throughout the years by the same force that is being unleashed en masse today on the public by David Elliott. Carl Hoppner can testify to this. He was dragged into a police station in Newcastle, New South Wales on Australia Day where seven officers were captured on CCTV footage mercilessly laying punches and kicks into him. One of them wished Harper a ‘happy invasion day you black c***’, as he was been pummeled. Indigenous Australian Patrick Little can also testify to such barbarism. Senior Constable Jeames Iain Murray was seen on CCTV footage viciously assaulting Little. At one stage he was seen slamming the then 18-year-old’s head into a wall at Goulbourn Police Station before throwing him at a cell door. New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller shows little concern with such brute force. In 2020, when a member of his force in Sydney was filmed by passers-by as he slammed a 16-year-old indigenous boy face-first into a brick footpath, Fuller excused the violent act and said that the officer was having a bad day.

New South Wales Police Officers have predictably taken full advantage of the tyrannical, unconstitutional policies forced upon the Australian public in the 2020s. Wannabe-tyrants in the Force have ramped up their malevolent campaigns of intimidation and persecution on the public, focusing their menace mainly - as most uncouth, oafish ruffians do - on women and children. For example, a mask exempt citizen in Newcastle, New South Wales had her handbag snatched by a cop when she (rightfully) refused to discontinue her travels on public transport. Another woman had a terrified toddler ripped from her arms by the Sydney police for breaking lockdown protocol in a shocking, sickening moment that truly showed New South Wales Police Force members for the deranged psychopathic thugs that they are. Continually, this cult of psychoneurotic, feral louts outdoes itself. More recently, police officers were witnessed in a small town about 120KM from Sidney known as Bowral, violently arresting a 62-year-old lady, the manager of an Organic Food Store, who they kidnapped for the crime of not wearing a mask. The woman can be heard complaining that the violent thugs were twisting her arm behind her back as they forced her into their vehicle.

These bullies and brutes have been at war with the population of their State for decades and are now going full steam ahead in terrorizing the men and women who pay their salaries. They have turned their backs on their fellow Australians in favour of the elites and the implementation of the new Globalist Order. We must never let them forget the choice that they have made.

‘Filthy, disgusting and selfish’ does not even begin to describe these traitorous pigs.

Gary Jordan


The COVID-19 Illusion: A Cacophony of Lies

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