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Dear John, The New World Order Is Very Real

category national | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Sunday September 19, 2021 17:17author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot comauthor address NA Report this post to the editors

You Should Know That Better Than Anyone

John McGuirk from Gript thinks it's all just a conspiracy theory.

In a recent article on the Gript independent news website, entitled ‘Boris retreats: No vaccine passports for UK’, editor John McGuirk, wrote that the UK government’s halt to the vaccine passport scheme was proof that claims of ‘nefarious global plans’ and a step ‘towards a new world order’, emanating from ‘excitable corners of the internet’, were the ramblings of conspiracy theorists.

Interestingly, when the UK government (as expected) changed course the very next day and declared that said passport plans would not be cancelled but, instead, placed in reserve for the upcoming winter season, John stayed deathly quiet. Not a word, unsurprisingly, was scribbled on this u-turn.

Firstly, I think it is important to address the idea that there exists a centralized power that dictates a plan of action for 7 billion-plus people across the globe - one that is determined to bring about a New World Order of society.

Most of my readers will be well aware that this is not a theory of any sort, but rather, is a fact that has been proven on multiple occasions in the past 18 months alone.

When we looked on, in March 2020, as 193 nations worldwide all followed the exact same script, with businesses been shuttered and people forcibly locked up inside their homes, and as state leaders deliberately abandoned the pre-approved pandemic preparedness plans that had been set years before, surely we could all see that there was indeed a central system from which a small minority were active in giving orders to their subordinates in government. This march in lockstep was not a mere coincidence. Nor were the synchronized policies that followed, such as mass testing, the removal of the elderly from hospitals and into care homes, quarantine hotels, mass vaccination, the development of digital certificates and police brutality against dissenters. The stalwarts of the New World Order, it was plain to be seen, were well and truly hard at work.

Dismissing the idea of a New World Order, when a simple search online will lead you to Davos-composed articles such as ‘5 facts you need to understand the new global order’, indicates a poor understanding of globalization and a lack of interest in doing even the most basic research into such topics. Disregarding the entire matter with a wave of the hand is not conducive to proper journalism. Discrediting those who suggest that the world’s power structure may indeed be very different to what we were taught in school and what we are told by the media and labelling them characters who reside in ‘excitable corners of the internet’ is completely unjustified. Disparaging those who view vaccine passports as a method by the powers-that-be to control the populace and referring to them as individuals spouting ‘conspiracy theories’ who are looking for an ‘alternative explanation’ is ignorant. Scoffing at the possibility that such a system is put in place to ‘monitor and track people’, when you live in a nation where people are presently being monitored and tracked by that very same system, is an indication of willful blindness. Brushing away any mention of a top-down authoritarian, techno-fascist, single world government shows nescience in regards to history, when we know that such a single world government was desired, wrote of and spoken about by many influential figures in the past, including Vladimir Lenin, Ben Gurion, Mikhail Gorbachev and George H.W. Bush, as well as world-renowned scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Categorizing such discussion as the chatter of a delusional fringe society indicates obtuseness, especially when we consider that, in very recent times, a supranational system of governance has been called for by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (ironically reported on by John McGuirk himself) and Chinese Communist Party Leader, Xi Jingping, to name but a few. Simply laughing the idea off is ludicrous when even mainstream media outlets such as Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg and The New York Times are covering it.

Moreover, you would expect a man who also writes for The Irish Catholic to be aware that not only is a One World Technocratic Fascist Dictatorship possible in our present times, but it is to be anticipated, in accordance with the Word of God. Perhaps John was absent from bible studies the day they were teaching the writings of the Book of Revelations.

Granted, the sterile, orderly, structured way of living imposed upon the masses in the form of vaccine passports, although oppressive, may not be the dreaded Mark of the Beast. But it can be argued that it is a stepping stone towards it. When governments are allowed to mandate that you be injected with a substance in order for you to be able to sit inside a restaurant, study at a university, or perform your duties as a pilot, nurse, policeman or doctor, what is to stop them from forcing you to have one before you can buy food or rent an apartment.

For years, so-called conspiracy theorists warned of this system - one that, they said, would soon be developed by the ruling class to control the population of the world. They were laughed at. Today, the system is already here - as plain as the nose on your face - and yet still, there are people like John McGuirk who continue to laugh.

Every minute he spends laughing is a minute spent away from his laptop, where he could, instead, be covering the stories of the vaccine injuries and deaths that have occurred in Ireland since the beginning of the vaccine roll-out. His audience, tortured by the corporate sell-outs of RTE and Virgin Media and hungry for an alternative news outlet that will tell the truth, is still waiting for him to write about Roy Butler - a 23-year-old Irishman who was led to an early death days after taking the COVID-19 jab. To date, John has not made even a passing mention of him in his articles. Not one tap of his keyboard has been carried out either in regards to the death of Irish-based doctor, Keshav Sharma, who suddenly died only six days after he was injected with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Nor has John covered the tens of thousands of deaths that have occurred in the United States and Europe, as confirmed by government data. John has also failed to write about our injured neighbours across the pond in the United Kingdom who have suffered debilitating conditions, including strokes, heart attacks and blindness, due to their acceptance of government rhetoric and trust in the media. He has stayed quiet on all of these cases - knowing that he has an audience that is starved of real, valid information. By failing to tell these painful truths to his readers, and instead, celebrating the (dubious) approval of the Pfizer vaccine, as he did in a recent article, he is alienating the core of his readership and, more importantly, showing his real face.

Instead of exposing the deadly consequences that have befallen so many, as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out worldwide, he dismisses those who reject the establishment narrative as conspiracy theorists and ignores the bigger picture.

How is this any different to how the state-funded media in Ireland operate? The only thing worse than a dishonest journalist is a dishonest journalist who goes out of their way to make you believe they are somehow different - when they are, in actual fact, just the same.

It can be said that brandishing any serious subject a mere ‘conspiracy theory’ is representative of invalidated intellectualism in a person.

To suggest that a conspiracy of any sort is so unlikely that it should be gibed and ridiculed is an incredibly childish and immature point of view to take. This attitude assumes that any notion that concerted action would ever be taken by one group of people against another is never to be taken seriously, as it could likely never happen. This mindset, in and of itself, is absurd. As we are aware, in many cases, it is a feigned stance that is taken by some people to discourage genuine debate and investigation. In other cases, it is the reaction of someone who is unwilling or unable to deviate from the official position. In the latter case, the owner of such a mentality is to be sympathized with. For what these people are, in reality, saying is that there is no way and no possibility that any person or group of persons could ever plot or connive against another. When we consider that throughout history this has not only happened, but in fact, it is all that has ever happened when it comes to major world events, then really, we should feel sorry for someone who harbours such a stupefied and unintelligent outlook.

We could remind them that the Bolsheviks conspired against the Kulaks, the Nazis conspired against the Jews, the British Crown conspired against the people of the independent nations it invaded, the Ku Klux Klan conspired against the Black community, the Khmer Rogue conspired against the clergy, Chairman Mao conspired against the Buddhists, the Ustasha conspired against the Serbs, and the Turks conspired against the Armenians. We could remind them that the past 10,000 years of history is laced with conspiracies. But it most probably would not make any difference to their opinions.

When the editor of Ireland’s leading alternative news website is orientated to this same manner of thinking, then it is an injustice to the readers of his material and to authentic journalists who work under his command, such as Ben Scallan.

John McGuirk, if indeed he really is serious about uncovering and exposing the truth, would be best served taking time out of his day to study the historical influence on world affairs by secretive, unelected groups like Le Cercle and the Rockefeller, Rothschild-infested Pilgrims Society.

He would do himself and his readers a favour if he sat down and investigated the web of criminals that were involved in the BCCI and Franklin banking scandals, as well as the Iran Contra affair and Craig Spence entrapment operations. The den of thieves and murderers behind these controversies referred to themselves as 'the black network.’ It was comprised of some of the world's most powerful and sinister people. Investigations into this group led to a 794-page report in which a 'nebula' that touched on every aspect of social, political and economic matters across the globe was revealed. In the words of Belgian intelligence officers, who had taken part in the inquiry :

“To comprehend this nebula, it is necessary to abandon traditional financial or political logic; this is not merely a question of nation, political party, or of ordinary economics. Our conclusion would be that at least over the last twenty years, the economic powers, some of which (are) mafia types, have allied themselves with political forces and organized criminal structures, and reached the 4th stage of money laundering…

It has been specified to us that at the present moment these characters control 50% of the world economy...One should not lose sight of the fact that this nebula would control the majority of the financial traffic, as well as the highest political leaders, worldwide.

This same structure could, if it wanted, put pressure on the most important cities of this world, controlling in each one almost everything (energy, communications, provisioning of water, environment) ... in order to impose itself, its strategy has been to use corruption, and has done so for many years.”

John may also want to educate himself on the continuous power exerted by a few on the many by groups like Blackrock and Vanguard. He would soon discover the extent of the authority given to the faceless directors of these bodies and he would realize that the 'shadowy' club he so easily discounts is not a figment of the imagination. John would soon discover that everything from the spoon he uses to eat his cereal in the morning to the pillow he lays his head on at night, and everything in between, along with the vial that carried the concoction they injected into his body and the digital green certificate he uses for travel, can be traced back to these two companies. So too can the 'nefarious global plans' he speaks of, which includes, but is certainly not limited to, vaccine passports.

These vaccine passports have nothing to do with public health. They have everything to do with control. They are a tool to be used for the enforcement of the New World Order that John McGuirk thinks is a fantasy. Even the foot soldiers of the powers-that-be admit to this. Israel’s Health Minister, Nitzan Horowitz, unaware that he was on a hot mic, recently confirmed this when he said that:

“There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the COVID passport. It is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate”

Journalists like John should be asking; ‘if the vaccination is not about public health but is, instead, a means of coercion and force, what is the end game?’ If he did this he would be led to the conclusion that it is a method of surveillance and monitoring and a small part of a wider system of tyrannical oppression, which is leading us slowly, but surely, into a New World Order. Instead, he chuckles and jeers at the mere mention of such.

I have been quite fair in this article by assuming John is merely suffering from a lack of knowledge or struggling with the ability to understand the changes that we are undergoing in our societies across the world today. Perhaps I have been too kind though. Perhaps, John knows full well what the powers-that-be have in store for humanity, and perhaps he is gas-lighting his readers, Tavistock-style.

In fact, if there is anybody who should know what the elites are planning, it is John. He has spent a long period of his life connected to them. Maybe it is for this reason he is engaging in childish mockery. A man in his position, with a sizeable audience, could be using his influence to warn the general public of the oncoming nightmare. Instead, he chooses not to. Why is that?

Maybe his links to the Rivada Network - an organization funded by Bilderberger, Peter Thiel and strongly tied to both the US Department of Defence and the Department of Homeland Security - prevent him from doing so. It seems unlikely that McGuirk would reject as conspiracy folklore the idea that a system could be used to ‘monitor and track people’ when Peter Thiel himself, the man who financed a company John was once prominently involved in, has created such a system - one known as Palantir. It seems odd that a man, whose former employer worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security, would struggle to believe any notion that Big Government would want to ‘monitor and track people’ when the Department of Homeland Security specialize in doing just that. It seems odd that he could be so dismissive of a New World Order when he worked for a company that was financed by Thiel, a man who is famous for his role in a secretive network of globalist financial and political elites pushing for a One World Government and a New World Order. I find it hard to believe that John could be so unaware of the will of the ruling class to ‘monitor and track people’ when the company he worked for are such huge proponents of 5G - the ultimate tool to ‘monitor and track people.’

I’m pretty sure that, despite his feigned ignorance, John McGuirk knows very well that the New World Order is very real.

And now he knows that we know he knows.

Gary Jordan

The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

Contributor to The Irish Sentinel

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