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First Coke now Kids! "Freak Weather" capsizes boats

category national | irish social forum | opinion/analysis author Thursday July 05, 2007 18:15author by iosaf Report this post to the editors

No-one has put a street value yet on the 110 kids seized by lifeguards and customs guards today off the Dun Laoighaire coast. Nor has the Taoiseach made a facine statement to the Dail on the increase in irresponsible use of leisure craft in our waters. But analysts like me are quick to point out the links on safety issues as the suicide prevention exercise organised by the Royal St George Yachtclub under the smokescreen title "junior regatta" occured on the same day 11 teachers ran rather than walked down the stairs of the National musem of Natural History causing it to collapse.
Ambulances were obviously stretched to the limit and headshots today went untreated.

In total 110 children were exposed to hypothermia, jellyfish, radioactive contamination and used condoms for a few hours today sa part of a government heavy handed initiative to instil hydraphobia as the best method of reducing suicide in Ireland.

At first coastal guards were quoted as suggesting 20 children had been lost to Davy Jones locker but they're all accounted for now after some beachcomers were arrested in the Rush area trying to cut them into 15 quid deals & smoke them.


The children are notworthy of comment for being plucked from the sea or nearly drowning in what would appear to some as a tragedy - NO!
that sort of stuff happens everyday.
The kids are noteworthy because they were overwhelmingly white.
It has been a long time since so many white kids got a red cross blanket on a beach.

Analysts like me suggest this could indicate an important move by terrorist elements to concentrate on summer camp activities and cheap stay at home tourism. Obviously after infiltrating the health service records office in Cork and the NHS over in England they're now extending their wicked plots to our RTE news service who in a stunning sign of data-manipulation attempted to downplay the numbers involved. But the patterns are striking. Controlled demolition in the museum and torpedoed dingies in the bay.

Dun Laoighaire (population 113,196) is a coastal settlement which first came to international prominence when it won the honour of being the scene to the movie "Collins" which told the story of General Liam Neeson and his fascist blackshirts who established the Eire state in 1913. Since then it has become a hotbed of "toe the line 4th internationalism" & local spokesperson for "the unitary brain of marxism which sits in a tank" Mr RBB has long campaigned for swimming baths so that local kids can enjoy suicide prevention conditioning in less dangerous circumstances. Mr RBB was unavailable for comment as I went to press. ( he won't answer the phone from barcelona anyway. )

Obviously there are lessons to be learnt from this before Minister 9mm Willy O Dea holds his next national task force meeting. Here are your lessons Willy :-

1. Ireland's suicide prevention strategy has to change. you're killing people.
2. you don't have enough ambulances or naval vessels.
3. you have a complete and utter contempt for safety issues & those who you teach or supervise the young.
4. you can over-value a bale of coke but you can't count drowning kids.
5. you're not taking the freak weather seriously enough.

author by Dun Laoighrepublication date Thu Jul 05, 2007 19:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The summer school at Dun Laoighre has been running for many years. Unlike
equivalents in Malahide , It is not a sea scout course. Its a Life style option.
Many parents send their kids to the classes to learn 'How to yacht'.
The prices are prohibitive for ordinary kids; and it is not run as 'a charity concern',
unlike the Asgard training which is more democratically arranged.
Kids come from all over and pay heavy money for basic classes in yachting
and water safety, but they only pursue the summer school for a few weeks and
virtually none of them would follow up on the training in the other eleven months of
the year. The summer school is run July-August. There are massive planned Marinas
on many coasts and these parent s and kids do not know the sea. They are types that
use gleaned knowledge for water sports activity including pursuing and frightening
the group of Orca Whales a few years ago in the Cork area.There is also a sea scout
troop in Dun Laoighre but it is separate and distinct from the yachting classes.

author by iosafpublication date Thu Jul 05, 2007 19:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thank you for highlighting that obvious angle on the story "summer camp". I suppose I should clarify that general liam neeson didn't lead the blackshirts in 1913 and RBB was campaignin' tirelessly for poor kids regardless of skin colour to have a bath or a shower & develop an interest. Now something has been proven today - & it is very important. Important enough to get on 9mm Willy's agenda. It's been a day of accidents and mishaps which has seen over 200 people treated in the greater area of Dublin. In addition two people died in a plane crash in the west. The drama at Dun Laoighaire kicked off they report at around 2pm - I pointed out whilst warming up on the suicide prevention thing that we don't have enough ambulances. http://indymedia.ie/article/83312?comment_limit=0&conde...00101 We never did. Despite a northern Irish man inventing the mobile fibilator and thus heart ambulance - we still don't have one per county yet have one of the highest rates of heart disease in Europe. Then the freak weather came. You think after tornados every summer for four years you'd have copped on by now. The people taken from the water were treated on land and brought to hospitals all over the greater dublin area and some were even brought in buses. Great. Everyone got a blanket and cup of bovril. All the regatta kids are accounted for & the masonry of our museums will be fixed as soon as a contractor can subcontract a non-union plasterer.
But what if 500 people had been in an emergency situation or rescue need? Or let's get specific - what if a commuter train junction in your city centre at rush hour had gone disaster-ville. Oh yes. lightning never strikes twice nor does thunder and it's just the freak weather and posh kids. "You've nothing to worry about". We see combined two of the worst elements of complacency - being a soft target & never feeling the need to rehearse.

Squall is a lovely word all the same though. The Irish Times called it a Squall [The term "squall" is universally used to refer to a sudden wind-speed increase, both historically and in the present day. To be called a squall in the United States, the wind must increase at least 18 miles per hour (8 meters per second) and must attain a top speed of at least 25 miles per hour (11 meters per second), lasting at least a full minute in duration.] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbands apparantly you can see them coming by cloud formations..,

author by What nextpublication date Thu Jul 05, 2007 19:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

And nowaplane rash. Private. some killed,all in a day!

author by Mumpublication date Thu Jul 05, 2007 20:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors


members of the fire brigade will tell you (privately) that our equipment is bought largely
second hand from England and yes, we do not have the capacity to deal with
apartment or high rise fires in this city. Nor do we have the capacity to deal with
emergency like Dart/Luas/ crash in the City Centre.

pic from site
pic from site

author by Bikerpublication date Fri Jul 06, 2007 08:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Did Friday the 13th come a week early ?

author by iosafpublication date Fri Jul 06, 2007 16:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"more than 100 participants in a junior regatta got into difficulty during a race" :- Irish Times explaining how the Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB) [the people who get paid to tell Corkonians that contamination and chemical spills aren't dangerous but you're still on bottled water] are going to connect the dangerous weather warning at midday yesterday with the irresponsible putting to sea of more than a hundred of our most white kids who got into difficult conditions. You will note that yesterday the same newspaper reported "upto 100 kids" which we generally take to mean less than the 110 brats reported by the Belfast Telegraph or Guardian. You will reflect of course on the lack of pictures of the kids floating like bales of cocaine in the Irish Sea. Of course that would scare families & be a cause of worry. You will also note the certain understatement in the use of "got into difficulty". But it gets better! "it is highly unlikely that the youth regatta will go ahead today as planned" - RTE qouting Patrick Blaney, Vice-Commodore at the Royal St George Yacht Club who today decided to pay attention to the weather forecast & not send our most white kids to sea. Don't you love the title? "vice-commodore" - as the Rt. Hon. Dr. O as if and someone with a pretty cool list of titles (all self-granted of course) I can't help thinking that a "vice-commodore" is a souped up home computer from the 1990's used to arrange pixels and sprites to depict dirty and unseemly images. I mean come on!?!? we don't even have a vice-commodore in the Irish navy.
"There was widespread praise for the massive emergency operation co-ordinated locally by the lifeboat service"..... yes indeed. hip hip hooray! for we are such wonderful fellows. The Howth lifeboat have been saving lives from far north of Rush to far south of Greystones since Collins was a wee langer. Strange how the day our most white kids almost drowned, it befell northsiders (protestants probably all the same) to save them. You'll note the lack of praise for others.., which brings me to others!

Bertie hasn't said a thing of course he's practising the saying nothing now for the Mahon tribunal since his date has been set for two afternoons on the 26th and 27th of July. I hope he doesn't have to go up any stairs. Remember the golden rule Bertie! Walk don't Run. Brilliant news from the schoolteacher sector - they've decided through their union that they can refuse to visit galleries, regattas, the Aran islands, museums or interpretive centres & refuse to teach kids who run and don't walk.http://www.rte.ie/news/2007/0706/ictu.html

you will note that the rescue of 110 very white kids on an expensive yachting excursion in dangerous weather conditions which had been forewarned was more newsworthy than the collapse of a stone staircase in a museum which is free-ish to the dirty grubby urchins who kill themselves rather than go to jail.


By the way since the 1916 bunch failed to predict the British response, Dublin Bay has been the city's softest target. It's easier to sink a ferry than blow up a DART station or fly a small plane into Liberty Hall. gurggle ribbid yawn belch.

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