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US Needs To Act As Parties Review St Andrews Agreement

category international | irish social forum | press release author Friday October 20, 2006 13:49author by rdooling@swbell.net - Irish American Unity Conferenceauthor email rdooling at swbell dot net Report this post to the editors

The US needs to act on issues important to Ireland and Irish Americans while political parties in the North consider the St Andrews Agreement.

Washington, DC – October 19, 2006 - "Irish America welcomes
the attitude of the political Parties in Northern Ireland
regarding the proposed St Andrews Agreement. However,
the US, as a key party in the peace process, needs to
continue its effort at reconciliation in Ireland and the
United States ", said Dr. Robert Linnon, President of the
Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC).

Eight years after the signing of the historic Good Friday
Agreement (GFA) and two years after the suspension of the
Stormont devolved government, the major parties in Northern
Ireland (NI) have agreed to review the St Andrews
Agreement (SAA). The SAA puts forth a plan aimed at
getting the political institutions back up and running in
NI. The SAA was presented by the Irish and British
governments at the talks in St Andrews Scotland.

Dr. Linnon said: "The IAUC welcomes the moderation of the
implacable attitudes of all the leaders of political
parties, especially that of DUP's Ian Paisley. The IAUC
urges continued dialogue because it will lead to
understanding and the softening of intransigence.

"Much hard work is ahead for the all the political parties
and people of Ireland in order to achieve restoration of
the political institutions and the all-Ireland bodies.

"We urge the US Government to act in concert with the
Irish and British to help facilitate a transition to
democracy in Ireland and the resolutions of issues
important to the Irish and American people. These include:

:: Engagement by the US government to push for the full and
immediate implementation of all the recommendations of the
Patten Commission

:: Support by the US government for a totally unrestricted
public hearing into the murder of Patrick Finucane and
others as called for by Judge Peter Cory.

:: Access to the United States by ALL political parties
from Ireland and the granting of permission for all of them
to legally raise funds in the United States.”

Dr Linnon concluded by saying: "The addressing of the above
issues will facilitate efforts to heal the wounds caused by
the conflicts of the past and provide a brighter outlook
for peace and justice for both the Irish and Irish Americans."
# # #

Contact: Deanna Turner

Irish American Unity Conference
National Office
611 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #4150
Washington, D.C. 20003

Email: iauc@iauc.org

National Press Officer: Jay Dooling
Email: rdooling@swbell.net

"Working for Justice and Peace in a Re-united Ireland"
nonpartisan, nonsectarian, chapter-based human rights
organization working for justice and peace in Ireland. We
are a wholly American 501(c)(4) organization that advocates
the end of British colonial occupation and the peaceful
reunification of Ireland. We endeavor to achieve these
goals by working through the American democratic process.
Individually, our members represent every occupational and
educational stratum in the United States.

Related Link: http://www.iauc.org
author by Madiganpublication date Fri Oct 20, 2006 14:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why don't you concentrate on what's wrong with your country and stop continually thinking you have some god given right to meddle in other countries affairs. Won't you ever learn?
PS There is no such thing as Irish Americans. You are either Irish or American.

author by Yusufpublication date Sat Oct 21, 2006 00:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I see on the home page of this wretched group that the "Peaceful reunification of Ireland" is cited as a top priority. Perhaps they should read their beloved Good Friday Agreeement where, in fact, the partition of Ireland is guarnteed. I am not expressing an opinion , just fact. The St Andrews agreement goes further on this "sell-out" to look for the recognition for what was formally called " the Crown Occupaion Force". Again, not my opinion, just fact. How can they support contradictory positions? Don't answer that, they are politicians.

They then want to "support American Political candidates who bring pressure on England to withdraw troops from Irish soil". By Irish soil, I assume they are referring to the Republic of Ireland as the Good Friday Agreement, (dont want to labout this point) makes Northern Ireland part of the United Kiingdom. So what this aspiration is asking for is in fact not even realistic. There are no British soldiers on "Irish soil" unless they mean the soil of British Northern Ireland. So I assume this aspiration is just to get half-drunk Oirish Amerikans who havn't realised the North has been sold away down the river, to vote for whatever lout is waving the "Eireann Go Bragh" flag. A good way to get the mob behind yer man, eh? So which Irish American politicians are behind this group that is drumming up support for themselves? Bruce Morrison?

They ask their supporters to shout for "American legislation that will facilitate Irish national and economic development".(Would that include invading Iraq?) They talk a load of jibberish about civil rights for Catholics in the Northern Ireland(of Great Britain) which is nonesense as the European charter of human rights already covers this. But I suppose to a half-drunk oirish american cop in New York who hasn't realised that Micahel Collins and Darby O'Gill aren't still fighting the Black and Tans it is a good rabble rouser to gain support for the above mentioned "Eireann Go Bragh" waving politicians.

They talk about overturning the US/UK extradition treaty. Again nonesense since any "Terrorist" suspect in now covered by much more fang laden laws. What about the US/Guantanamo extradition treaty? No votes in that I guess.

They want to end "discrimination" against Irish immigrants to the US. Have any of these lads tried to enter the US with Islamic clothing and a Qur'an. Oh Please! Discrimination against the Irish! Most of the Immigration Oficers are racist Irish Americans who discriminate against non whites and FBI is well known to stand for Foreign Born Irish.

They want the Irish to be able "enter the US to tell their stories". Ah sure begorrah begorrah. Once upon a time, fado fado nuair a bhimis og.............

"To establish stringent controls on US foreign aid to Ireland (Repblic of Ireland or British Northern Ireland?) to guarantee that it benefits those who need it most". Who would that be? Anyone this side of the pond willing to sell credibility here to give them credability there, by turning up at one of their public dinners to collect a cheque and not burst out laughing?

"To establish stringent controls on American taxpayer money invested in Ireland and to withhold the money until a timetable for withdrawl of British troops is set and the country united." Again utter rubbish. There are no British Troops in Ireland but I guess it fills out the "goals" page and by now those half drunk New York cops dont care they just want you to tell them how Oirish they are.

The entire home page is a howl. Check out the link. They are even selling "The Life and Times of Bobby Sands " by Denis O'Hearn at $18.48. I sure hope it has that picture of Bobby with his arm around Dennis Donaldson. And speaking of British Intelligence.......

I see Andrew Pike, Deanna Turner and Dominic Martin of MI6 attending the meeting of the IAUC shown at this link here....


The real power behind the IAUC Bob Linnon of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Tom Fitzgerald of the "Northern Ireland Bureau" are also at the dinner, representing the interest of "Northern Ireland" - (where the above mentioned British soldiers are). http://www.nibureau.com/

Andrew Sens is there representing the National Security Council http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/ which is the war criminal Bushs' main intelligence conduit.

Anne Porter of Ian Paisleys' Ulster Unionist Party is there to help out with those pesky British soldiers, I suppose.

Imagine sitting at a table for dinner with these creeps? Would they not try to recruit you or ask you to have the boys look after some of those hard to reach places for British Intelligence. I guess you wouldn't know what they would get up to.

My position would be to tell the MI6 and the NSA/CIA folk to bring the message back to their war criminal leaders to "go to fuck". I would not negotiate with these criminals. Let the British and American people elect non-criminals who will bring Bush and Blair to Den Haag for their mass murder and then perhaps we could talk.

"For truth stands at the front,
And only liars refuse to speak
When truth they must confront."
-B Sands

author by Yusufpublication date Sat Oct 21, 2006 00:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I mistakenly put Deanna Turners name along with the two MI6 agents. She is not and MI6 agent to my knowledge and I should not have so associate her name. My apologies to Ms Turner for impuning her character

author by BelfastBurningpublication date Tue Oct 24, 2006 16:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hey Mady!
I completely agree with you that forieghners should never meddle in the affairs of other countries. Im sure you were ALSO reffering to Britain's ongoing military occupation of Ireland, its gutting of the Patten reforms and the MI5 orchestrated StormountGate. Cheers to ya!

PS: Regarding Irish-Americans..
Since Develara was an American citizen I suppose he REALLY wasn't a true Irishman then? I guess he really should have minded his own buissness and raises rabbits in kansas? You.. are truly a narrow minded twit.



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