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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
"A flaky website that purports to be ?leftist,? The Cedar Lounge Revolution, occasionally makes a relevant point or two."

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Dublin Opinion
Life should be full of strangeness, like a rich painting

offsite link Some Thoughts on the Brexit Joint Report 11:50 Sat Dec 09, 2017


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NAMA Wine Lake

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national / eu / opinion/analysis Wednesday December 15, 2010 04:48 by Anthony Coughlan, Emmett O'Connell   text 6 comments (last - saturday december 18, 2010 22:27)   audio 2 audio files
We need to know this if we are ever to recover. We need to know who was ultimately responsible for the situation we now find ourselves in, trapped inside the Eurozone when we did not need to join it. read full story / add a comment
national / eu / news report Thursday November 18, 2010 11:29 by Andrew   text 23 comments (last - monday november 22, 2010 07:27)   image 1 image
It's now official, the Irish state is in talks with the EU and the IMF about a so called 'rescue plan' to bail out the Irish capitalist class from the disaster created by the international crash of the capitalist economic system. A crisis that was magnified in Ireland by the corruption of local crony capitalism on the one hand and the dependency of the economy on 'globalization' on the other. Trapped between such a cast of crooks and idiots it is perhaps not surprising that many in Ireland hope things will be improved when the running of our lives will be handed over to those who many hope might have a clue. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / opinion/analysis Thursday October 07, 2010 17:03 by Barry McColgan   image 2 images
We all remember the slogan's so well, 'Yes for Jobs and Investment', from the soldiers of misfortune, 'Yes it's that important' from the latte supping continental sophisticated lot, and even got exposed to a pair of melons and a tight pair of EU branded Speedos in a sexed up poster campaign from the blue shirts, all in promotion and pursuit of a yes vote for the Lisbon Treaty this time last year. read full story / add a comment
national / eu / opinion/analysis Monday September 27, 2010 16:12 by David   text 2 comments (last - tuesday september 28, 2010 11:37)
We have spent billions on the LUAS tram rail which only stretches a couple of miles,in the city of dublin,and now we are having to spend a further couple of billion for a project that is over budget and already late for the schedule date!There is a market in ireland for a national connected rail,not just an over budget rail that only stretches a few miles from dublin to killiney..Bus services and train services in ireland are infamous for being uncordinated.There are places in ireland you still cannot get to,and in order to get anwhere in ireland you need a car,to travel,maybe it could even clean up road deaths.
read full story / add a comment
dublin / eu / opinion/analysis Tuesday August 24, 2010 22:06 by FAS SUBSIDISING A COMPANY NEAR YOU.   text 16 comments (last - saturday august 28, 2010 15:26)   image 1 image
Before FAS existed ,there were training agencies in ireland such as MANPOWER AND ADCO..They were services that worked for the people and not for the purposes of furnishing their greens(euro)..

For example,300 people may be required for employment in a warehouse in cork and they would,have people working for manpower and adco,who have the necessary skills to train them,most would have 10+ years experience in a factory setting..
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Irish antiziganism in 2009
international / eu / opinion/analysis Saturday August 21, 2010 00:26 by iosaf   text 12 comments (last - friday october 08, 2010 12:23)   image 8 images
Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential decree ordering the expulsion of Roma gypsies from the French state is currently being carried out. It marks another milestone on an age old road of antiziganism (the hostility, prejudice or racism directed at the Roma / Romani people, also known gypsies or Romanian gypsies. An age old road tread in Europe which has not yet brought them early 20th century literacy rates. An age old road which has seen them pass & passed through camps, squatted sites, the Holocaust, forced sterilization & in this age of Facebook Ryanair globalisation their prettiest children have become the fodder for 21st century sexual slavery.
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international / eu / press release Friday June 25, 2010 18:09 by Michael O'Callaghan
50 Irish farming, food and environmental organisations and businesses sent a letter yesterday (24 June) to the Irish Agriculture Minister, Brendan Smith, asking him to block the European Commission’s latest move to force the approval of more GM crops for cultivation at EU level.

Michael O’Callaghan of the GM-free Ireland Network said failure to do so will make it impossible for the Irish Government to implement its policy to ban field trials and cultivation of GM crops in the Republic, and also weaken the credibility of the Government’s proposed voluntary GM-free label that would provide Irish farmers and food producers with a competitive advantage in the global export markets. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / press release Saturday May 15, 2010 22:17 by Jolly Red Giant   text 3 comments (last - saturday may 22, 2010 18:13)
Joe Higgins, Socialist Party MEP from Ireland and member of the Committee for a Workers´ International initiated a meeting with fellow MEPs with the intention of countering both, the nationalist slanders of the international media and European leaders against the Greek workers and youth; as well as to counter the illusion that the huge bail-out package of €750 billion which was agreed by the European Commission, the euro zone member states and the IMF represents the beginning of a solid recovery.

read full story / add a comment
national / eu / press release Saturday May 15, 2010 10:50 by PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT / GLUAISEACHT AN PHOBAIL 15th May 2010
A dishonest debate among Discredited political party's

Perhaps one of the more frightening aspects of the recent spat between fine gael and the government over the implications of the proposals contained in the eu commission document on economic policy co-ordination within the euro zone is the abysmal ignorance on both sides of the argument over what the country signed up to under the lisbon treaty. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / opinion/analysis Saturday May 15, 2010 01:49 by Craig McInerney
Foreboding forecasts of a wave of financial instability consuming the Euro zone have prompted E.U Commission to take a drastic stance encompassing a potential inflammatory budget review process. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / press release Thursday May 13, 2010 14:16 by Malachy Steenson
Lisbon backers fall out as EU calls the shots on finance

The Workers Party have said that the spat between the Taoiseach and the Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny TD, about European Union demands for consultation before national budgets are presented exposes the extent to which the two leaders and their parties deceived the electorate during the two Lisbon Treaty referendums.
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dublin / eu / press release Monday April 26, 2010 06:18 by Dublin Basque   text 1 comment (last - tuesday april 27, 2010 21:17)   image 4 images
The Dublin branch of the Irish Basque Solidarity Committees protested the European Union Presidency being held by Spain, a state condemned for repression and torture by Amnesty International and by committees of the United Nations and of the European Union itself. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / news report Monday March 08, 2010 12:27 by Raymond Deane
The Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds the European Union guilty of complicity in Israel's crimes against the Palestinian People, calls for the suspension of the EU-Israel Preferential Trade Agreement, and endorses the civil society campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. read full story / add a comment
dublin / eu / press release Saturday March 06, 2010 16:58 by LATIF SERHILDAN
Kurds in Ireland will stage coordinative demonstrations outside EU parliament on Monday 08/ 03 at 1;30 pm. We invite all supporters and interested parties to attend these demonstrations, and in particular members of the media. We ask the Irish people and government to be more sensitive to the oppressive nature of Turkish, EU States and to the lack of democracy and accountability of EU.
For more information contact Latif Serhildan, Coordinator of Kurdistan Solidarity Ireland. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / press release Wednesday March 03, 2010 13:45 by Michael O'Callaghan   text 7 comments (last - tuesday march 16, 2010 07:50)   1 attached file
European MEPs, scientists, and NGOs have accused the European Commission of exceeding its powers in a sinister move to fast-track the approval of more GM crops for cultivation in the EU. The GM-free Ireland Network has written to Irish MEPs requesting the European Parliament to take urgent action to stop the Commission from implementing this undemocratic move before José Manuel Barroso signs the new regulations into law. GM-free Ireland co-ordinator Michael O’Callaghan said “Cultivation of any GM crops on the island of Ireland (such as the antibiotic-resistant industrial-starch-producing GM potato approved yesterday by the Commission) would destroy Ireland’s untapped economic potential to secure the safest, most credible GM-free food brand in the EU. We can’t allow the Commission to take this from us.” read full story / add a comment
international / eu / press release Friday February 05, 2010 14:52 by Amnesty International - Ireland
Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a violation of human rights affecting an estimated 500,000 women and girls in Europe and putting another 180,000 girls at risk each year. In advance of International Day of Zero Tolerance on FGM on 6 February, Amnesty International Ireland-led END FGM European Campaign has called on European leaders to support its strategy to protect young girls and women affected by FGM. read full story / add a comment
international / eu / press release Tuesday February 02, 2010 00:09 by Saoirse
Comments by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the Lisbon Treaty provides a platform for deeper ties between the EU and NATO confirms one of the main arguments against the Lisbon Treaty according to the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton who in a statement said: read full story / add a comment
national / eu / news report Monday February 01, 2010 22:37 by Brian   text 3 comments (last - thursday april 14, 2011 11:30)
One of the ex No groups from the Lisbon campaign has launched a web forum that can be viewed entirely in old Irish script. read full story / add a comment
European Court of Justice
national / eu / press release Friday January 22, 2010 15:42 by PBPA   image 1 image
In a statement the People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA) has condemned a recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which means that VAT will now be imposed on all local authority services for which there is a charge. read full story / add a comment
Bairbre de Brún
international / eu / news report Friday January 15, 2010 14:46 by redjade   text 4 comments (last - sunday january 17, 2010 13:25)   image 1 image   video 2 video files
these are reports from her Facebook page - since I cannot find these writings elsewhere I will liberate these texts from globo-corporate control.... read full story / add a comment
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