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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Ukraine and Georgia publicly humiliated at the UN Thu Apr 09, 2020 04:57 | Scott
by Ruslan Ostashko Translated by Nikolai Subtitled by Scott In addition to the impotence of the European Union and the crash of western unity, the coronavirus pandemic also clearly showed

offsite link Hard Times For U.S. Forces In Northeast Syria Thu Apr 09, 2020 02:22 | Scott
Hard Times For U.S. Forces In Northeast Syria. Army Prepares For Idlib Escalation The Syrian Army and local self-defense forces have carried out an operation against ISIS cells hiding in

offsite link M*A*S*H and the Coronavirus Wed Apr 08, 2020 18:59 | The Saker

offsite link How the U.S. Pot Calls China?s Coronovirus Kettle ?Black? Wed Apr 08, 2020 18:41 | The Saker
by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog According to Gallup?s samplings and calculations, the actual number of Americans who had the Coronovirus-19 infection on April 3rd was certainly not the

offsite link NWO, globalism and US ?leadership? ? RIP (UPDATED!) Wed Apr 08, 2020 02:12 | The Saker
[this analysis has been written for the Unz Review] “And the unbelievers plotted and planned, and God too planned, and the best of planners is God” Quran, Sura Al-Imran (The

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

offsite link Human Rights Fri Mar 20, 2020 16:33 | Human Rights

offsite link Turkish President Calls On Greece To Comply With Human Rights on Syrian Refugee Issues Wed Mar 04, 2020 17:58 | Human Rights

offsite link US Holds China To Account For Human Rights Violations Sun Oct 13, 2019 19:12 | Human Rights

offsite link UN Human Rights Council Should Address Human Rights Crisis in Cambodia Sat Aug 31, 2019 13:41 | Human Rights

offsite link Fijian women still face Human Rights violations Mon Aug 26, 2019 18:49 | Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
"A flaky website that purports to be ?leftist,? The Cedar Lounge Revolution, occasionally makes a relevant point or two."

offsite link ?They just have to go into government? ? 11:26 Thu Apr 09, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Social isolation? 10:30 Thu Apr 09, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Too soon? 08:17 Thu Apr 09, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Cognitive dissonance on the crisis?. 11:20 Wed Apr 08, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link What you want to say ? 8 April 2020 07:46 Wed Apr 08, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

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Dublin Opinion
Life should be full of strangeness, like a rich painting

offsite link Some Thoughts on the Brexit Joint Report 11:50 Sat Dec 09, 2017


offsite link Notes for a Book on Money and the Irish State - The Marshall Aid Program 15:10 Sat Apr 02, 2016

offsite link The Financial Crisis:What Have We Learnt? 19:58 Sat Aug 29, 2015

offsite link Money in 35,000 Words or Less 21:34 Sat Aug 22, 2015

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international / housing / news report Thursday May 03, 2007 11:40 by dunk   text 11 comments (last - thursday june 07, 2007 23:29)   audio 1 audio file
One of the strongest squats in Barcelona is facing eviction and using creativity as a tool of resistance. Miles de Viviendas resists and hopefully wider support can come.... read full story / add a comment
dublin / environment / feature Friday April 27, 2007 12:40 by Joe   text 62 comments (last - thursday may 03, 2007 15:27)   audio 1 audio file
This morning at 7.30 Dublin Shell to Sea members brought a taste of Mayo to Corrib House. Over 50 people took part in an ongoing blockade of the three entrances of the Shell HQ. read full story / add a comment
galway / environment / news report Monday April 23, 2007 16:05 by Mark C   text 6 comments (last - thursday april 26, 2007 15:24)   audio 1 audio file
At a demonstration outside Galway Co. Co. offices today in excess of 100 protestors put a clear message to Galway Co. Co.: Stop Dumping Human Waste On Farms In East Galway. read full story / add a comment
national / arts and media / news report Wednesday April 04, 2007 22:05 by Music Lover   text 4 comments (last - friday april 06, 2007 16:47)   audio 1 audio file
Kilkenny based Hip Hop artist Captain Moonlight can be heard here giving his surprisingly accurate verdict on the current political choices facing young Irish voters.

The song is to be used as background music for Sinn Féin canvassing in the upcoming general election, but rumours that a rendition of it is to replace daily recitation of the rosary at the trailer in Bellanaboy are considered far fetched. read full story / add a comment
dublin / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Tuesday April 03, 2007 09:11 by Seán Ryan   text 42 comments (last - monday april 16, 2007 23:12)   audio 4 audio files
The Protocol for the Posting of Public Notices has been enacted. No more posters on Grafton St., Henry St., or O'Connell St. read full story / add a comment
cork / history and heritage / opinion/analysis Thursday March 29, 2007 19:25 by Joe   text 1 comment (last - friday march 30, 2007 10:16)   audio 1 audio file
William Thompson was one of the of the first people to critically engage with political economy and attempt to turn it around to defend the improvement of the condition of the working class and rural poor. He was from a Anglo- Irish landowning family from West Cork and was to become a leading figure in the early Co-operative movement. In this talk from the anarchist bookfair Paul Bowman talks about the importance of Thompson and the relevance of his ideas today read full story / add a comment
dublin / anti-capitalism / news report Tuesday March 27, 2007 10:54 by Joe   text 14 comments (last - wednesday march 28, 2007 04:48)   audio 2 audio files
Shells HQ on Leeson street in Dublin has been occupied by activists protesting the give away of Ireland natural resources to this corporation depriving the health and education system of billions of euro worth of needed funds. read full story / add a comment
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Monday March 26, 2007 20:26 by Joe   text 22 comments (last - wednesday march 28, 2007 11:45)   audio 1 audio file
Photos and audio from the picket of the rogue pregnancy advice agency in Dublin. Audio (first comment) includes some an anti-choice activist trying to defend the agency on the grounds that the ends justify the means. read full story / add a comment
kerry / environment / opinion/analysis Tuesday March 20, 2007 23:38 by seashell   text 1 comment (last - thursday march 22, 2007 16:28)   audio 1 audio file
In 1996, what we know today as the Corrib Natural Gas Field was discovered by Enterprise Oil, which was subsequently acquired by Shell in 2002.

The Shell oil company had entered into talks with An Bord Pleanála about securing planning permission for a gas pipeline through north Mayo.

read full story / add a comment
international / anti-war / imperialism / news report Monday March 19, 2007 13:35 by redjade   text 5 comments (last - tuesday march 20, 2007 17:19)   audio 1 audio file
In Budapest Hungary: March 17, 2007 marking the fourth
anniversary of the war in Iraq... read full story / add a comment
international / anti-capitalism / opinion/analysis Wednesday March 14, 2007 11:31 by Joe   audio 1 audio file
Three speakers from Chile, Mexico and Spain talk about the rise of the left in Latin America in general and focus on the situation in Bolivia, Mexico and Columbia in particular read full story / add a comment
national / history and heritage / opinion/analysis Monday March 12, 2007 14:55 by Joe   audio 1 audio file
“Although the years from 1917 to 1923 constitute one of the least neglected segments of labour’s chronology, syndicalism remains the most underestimated and misrepresented ideology ever associated with Irish trade unionism”

Audio from the 2nd Dublin anarchist bookfair of Emmet O'Connors talk and the discussion that followed it. read full story / add a comment
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Friday March 09, 2007 16:38 by Joe   audio 1 audio file
Edited extracts from the Class, Feminism and Revolution recorded at this years Dublin anarchist bookfair. The meeting was organised by RAG (Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group) and was based around a written text - if someone could email this here it would be great read full story / add a comment
dublin / anti-capitalism / news report Sunday March 04, 2007 15:08 by Joe   text 31 comments (last - friday december 12, 2008 22:37)   audio 5 audio files
At the second Anarchist bookfair, Saturday 3rd March, speakers from Workers Solidarity Movement, Irish Socialist Network and Eirigi discussed the question 'What Sort of Ireland Do We Want?'. These are the audio files of this debate.

read full story / add a comment
national / anti-capitalism / news report Tuesday February 27, 2007 20:23 by w.   text 5 comments (last - thursday march 29, 2007 23:51)   audio 1 audio file
John Monaghan is a resident of Rossport county Mayo and part of the Shell To Sea campaign. Shell's pipeline, if it were built, would be located less than 70m from his home. Here he speaks about how the jailing of his father in law Micheál Ó Seighin drew him into the campaign and how the struggle against Shell has raised greater national questions for him about local democracy and control of natural resources.

"Every problem we are facing in this country right now, like the health crisis...seems to be a lack of money, and we are giving this natural resource away when we should be developing it for the good of the country."

John also discusses last fridays direct action, which stopped work at the refinery site for the first time since it began last October, and how the campaign can move on from here. read full story / add a comment
national / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday February 25, 2007 19:35 by w. - sound s. - pix   text 35 comments (last - wednesday february 28, 2007 20:57)   audio 1 audio file
Saturdays protest against the playing of "God save the Queen" at Croke park never turned into a repeat of last years Love Ulster riot as many had predicted, although things got quite heated between the Gardai and the protestors on several occasions. read full story / add a comment
mayo / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Friday February 16, 2007 07:55 by Joe   text 43 comments (last - tuesday february 20, 2007 12:27)   audio 1 audio file
The march in Bellinaboy is now taking place. Its reported by SMS that 300 are taking part and that the march is being tightly stewarded read full story / add a comment
derry / arts and media / feature Saturday February 10, 2007 13:51 by Paula Geraghty   text 3 comments (last - sunday february 11, 2007 20:07)   audio 1 audio file
Images and words from a visit to the recently opened Museum of Free Derry in the Bogside. Also, and audio interview with John Kelly, who works at the museum and is the brother of Michael Kelly who died on Bloody Sunday. read full story / add a comment
derry / rights, freedoms and repression / feature Wednesday January 31, 2007 12:16 by Paula Geraghty / Shaner   text 12 comments (last - saturday february 03, 2007 11:06)   audio 1 audio file
Thousands gathered in the Creggan, in Derry, Northern Ireland, to commemorate the murder of civilians. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Saturday January 27, 2007 19:52 by Rasta4i's   audio 1 audio file
Audio 1:47,46 .mp3 (mono)

Trafficking in Persons

Today, trafficking is a truly global industry.

During the 1980s alone, more women and children were enslaved by trafficking from Asia than all the people sold into slavery from Africa during 400 years of the slave trade. read full story / add a comment
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