Village Oakland - Wed Apr 08, 2020 23:43 (en-US)
Report by Oakland?s Unsheltered ? Left to Fend for Themselves
The Greenlining Institute - Wed Apr 08, 2020 18:38 (en-US)
This is an online event. For registration and other information, see
Detlef Umbach and Karin Lohmeyer - Wed Apr 08, 2020 17:54 (en-US)
US unemployment at the start of April 2020 is higher than at the peak of the 1929 Great Depression. Trump is to blame for the botched response to the Coronavirus that he initially called a hoax. To generate economic activity, he recently proposed raising CEO deductions for entertainment and restaurant bills. We face a collapse of the GDP, consumption, investments and tax revenues.
WeCopwatch - Wed Apr 08, 2020 16:27 (en-US)
As Ramsey Orta, (who filmed the 2014, NYPD chokehold murder of Eric Garner) sits in solitary confinement in New York State prison, the virus is spreading rapidly across the prison systems. Time is running out.
Trump/Pence Must Be Removed - Wed Apr 08, 2020 13:04 (en-US)
With the tag line "Trump is an American virus, it?s time to break the silence," members of Refuse Fascism, Vigil for Democracy, and the Raging Grannies Action League protested while maintaining social distancing rules on Tuesday, April 7. They demand that the US government provide aid and protection for humanity globally, not just for Americans, based on international co-operation, not competition in this time of pandemic.
WorkWeek - Wed Apr 08, 2020 05:51 (en-US)
A solidarity protest was held at Pier 35 in San Francisco demanding that the more than 600 crew members of the Grand Princess be fully tested and be allowed to evacuate the contaminated ship. Instead the Princess Lines, Coast Guard and California governor Gavin Newsom refused to allow them to evacuate the contaminated ship.
Be A Hero Fund, MoveOn - Tue Apr 07, 2020 20:51 (en-US)
Online via Zoom
repost - Tue Apr 07, 2020 18:18 (en-US)
Oil rich Venezuela is again threatened with invasion, by Nazi Trump, with no opposition from any Democrat, sending an armada to Venezuela's shores, in the middle of a pandemic, under the obviously false pretext of drug-pushing, which the world knows Venezuela does not do. The democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro has sent an open letter to the American people. See
Michael Harris from Wikipedia - Tue Apr 07, 2020 17:52 (en-US)
Genesis 15:12-14 speaks of a people enslaved and afflicted for 400 years. For 400 years people of Pan African Ancestry have been enslaved and afflicted throughout the United States of America. Rancho Rio de Los Americans begins to share the legacy along the American River Parkway.
Robert Norse - Tue Apr 07, 2020 16:45 (en-US)
Please post your reactions to this proposed protest, which mirrors actions undertaken by nurses, unions, and homeless advocates in other cities. An earlier version of these suggestions was originally posted on facebook.

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